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    Win the iPhone 4

    Sleepy dog. She needs an iPhone 4!
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    I'd like Expose on iPhone

    - From I'm not trying to be a hater but that line made me crack up... "can never be imitated? I'm pretty sure compiz/beryl imitated it just fine!
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    Recessed headphone jack was absolutely necessary

    I really wouldn't have been bothered if that one spot wasn't flush with the rest of the phone... I've been waiting and waiting for them to release a nice adapter and still nothing the belkin one is an insult considering how easy it is to make a jack adapter...I've looked at the ones on ebay but...
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    podcast help

    If you want to separate them create a playlist for all of you music you want to add to the phone and just sync that.. Then when you play your music play it from the playlist. It would be nice if there was a better way to exclude playlists when playing songs at random... maybe someone else has a...
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    ARTICLE: Security Issues with Dialer and Safari

    not old news to me
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    NEWS: Yet Another Chinese iPhone Clone

    They can make all the clones they want nothing will top the OS for a long time.
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    29 Different Colors for the iPhone by ColorWare

    They're painting them not selling a new case... I don't think it's illegal to paint your property.
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    29 Different Colors for the iPhone by ColorWare

    How could they stop them
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    $200 Off Of Your iPhone!

    I was going to do this but I was worried about them telling me I can't get out of my new contract for the iPhone... damn wish I would have done it anyway!
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    Wall Charging vs. Computer Charging

    I've done both (always over night) and I see no difference in batter life but I don't know how long it takes..
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    1st AT&T bill...$157? Why so much?

    pretty happy with my bill
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    Using the iPod while on the Internet

    Happened to me too... haven't tried it on my new one (exchanged it a week ago)
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    "This message has not been downloaded from the server"

    This has happened to me a few times. On all occasions is was due to a large attachment.
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    Custom ringtones for PC users

    The iPhone accepts mp3s even though it isn't stated on the walkthrough. If you want to edit songs I've been using an open source program called Audacity. Here is the link; Good Luck!
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    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    I also wanted to add that you can use straight mp3 files. I didn't bother converting the files and it still worked.