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    How many have not modded or unlocked your iPhone?

    I have not yet. I typically wait several months before trying to mod or "hack" a new device. I did the same thing with my first Xbox, PSP and HD Tivo. I'm sure I'll get to it on the iPhone but probably not for a while.
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    iTunes 7.4 Problems

    Mine syncs but marks all the songs on it with an "!" in my library and I have to go through and double click every one of them to get them to lose the "!". This only started happening when I went to 7.4
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    Plastic protector for screen issue...

    I bought the screen protectors sold here, the good ones and no matter how clean I got the screen I'd always have at least one or 2 bubbles. I finally gave up. I have the DLO side holster and no screen protector and after 3 weeks no scratches but then it would be hard to tell as the iPhone is a...
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    Have you had your iPhone replaced/repaired?

    I had my first iPhone replaced. There was a crack at the top of the screen and 3 dead pixels. I replaced mine at an AT&T store but it took 1.5 hours to get them to do it due to Apples rules around returns of the iPhone. My nearest Apple store is over an hour away. This one is better but there is...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    The network has been fine but I have not tried downloading a lot over Edge yet. I can get a good cell signal in my family room which is below grade and my Verizon phone gets no signal in there. All in all it's not too bad yet...:)
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hello! I just purchased the iPhone on Saturday and am a gadget freak. I said I would never buy an iPhone as I hated AT&T (Cingular's) network but when the price dropped and I saw Steve Job's Keynote speech Friday night I knew I had to have one....So far I've been happy with my new phone. I'll be...