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    Has anybody installed iOS 6?

    I've seen it and it makes you re-learn to navigate it. I don't like it so far because it's deviating from the old patterns. But maybe it's good and just needs some getting used to...
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    New iPhone To Have Smaller Dock Connector

    I'd rather stay with the old connector. I don't sync too often, but I have 3 iGadgets already. Next month my little one will get an iPod touch which supposedly has the old connector, so in case I'd like the iPhone 5 and it would have a different connector, I would always be having the cord in...
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    Am I the only one not using a screen protector?

    Same as above for me except of trading in. I usually don't do that. But I have my iPod in my pocket all the time and I'd just go nuts if I had scratches on the glass. With protector, I can easily apply a new one (well, I hope the old protector would come off if I had to...)
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    Has anybody installed iOS 6?

    I have the feeling that it's faster on my iPad2. Allthough, I now have the problem that not every keyboard touch makes a click sound. But this was stated in the release notes. But it's irritating me, because I often rely on the sound feedback of it.
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    Rumor: Apple Testing 3.9-inch new iPhone 5

    Personally, I hope if it's getting bigger, that the ratio of width to height stays the same. First, apps can be scaled easier, second, I somehow like the ratio, I don't know why. And I hope, if it's getting bigger, it won't be as much as an htc x1 or Galaxy S3. I tried both, just to see how this...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Check out my blog here I'm trying to post about becoming an iPhone developer. It's more about the experience rather than programming tips. For programming I'd warmly recommend Whenever I needed information about a specific topic, I found it there...
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    Does the iPad 3 retina display blow you away?

    Although I really like the retina display of my iPod, I'm getting around with my iPad2. Upgrading from iPad1 to iPad2 was a big thing for me, bc I really love that iPad2 is skinnier. Tha main reason to get a second iPad was, that my wife liked it so much, that she occupied it mostly when I...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Thanks for the warm welcomr :-)
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hi, I'm Mike. I started programming for iPhone half a year ago because I already owned 2 iPads and an iPod. I just wanted to challenge myself with something new at first, but it turns out I can still get by brains around new stuff :-)
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    Should I buy my child an iPhone?

    My daughter finishes elementary school this summer and then has to go to another school where she needs to use public transportation. So I want her to have a phone, just in case. She wants an iPhone for sure, but I cannot see myself handing over a device for some $600 to her. She easily drops...