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    Mac JB w/ crossover

    if anybody has tried this, please let me know. thanks in advance. oh yeah im on 4.1 3gs
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    Internet problems after jailbreaking 3.1.2

    my bad. so does anyone have this similar problem?
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    Internet problems after jailbreaking 3.1.2

    What do I need to delete on my post?
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    Internet problems after jailbreaking 3.1.2

    Yeah I did unlock with blacksn0w last month. I'll try airplane mode. Will a new sim card work?
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    Internet problems after jailbreaking 3.1.2

    I'm having problems staying connected after I JB 3.1.2 I used blackra1n for my jailbreak. Installed the *edit* source so I can tether. Everything works but seems like every couple hours I have to go to settings and turn off and on my 3g connection. Has anyone exprienced this same problem. And...
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    MacBook Anybody planning to get an elegant MacBook Air?

    i currently have and macbook pro and a combo drive macbook. i decided to sell my macbook and not buy a macbook air but instead an imac. i think this would be more practical for me. and plus selling a macbook for a macbook air is a big downgrade.
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    How do i convert divx for iPhone?

    i download movies on this one website and it's in divx format. what do i need to convert this so i can watch it on my iPhone? thanks in advance. oh yeah i'm a MAC
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    restoring a messed up iPhone?

    my friend dropped his iPhone in the water and i told him to leave it alone for awhile. he did and now it works but only when it is plugged in via firewire. which means i cant see it in iTunes and i tried to power/home key to restore but it does not work. it's modded and not trace of any water...
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    MacBook Pro MacBook pro ram?

    hell yeah. i copped 2x2GB today for 89 each and now maxed out on my macbook pro. and yes the old rams work with the macbook white, so that has 2gbs in total. but i heard the the macbooks can support out to 3. i'm going to take one of the 2gb to test this out and let you guys know.
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    MacBook Pro MacBook pro ram?

    What's up guys? I want to upgrade both my macbook and macbook pro. If i buy 2GBx2 for the pro, can i use the old ones to upgrade the reg macbook? thanks, and how's leopard?
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    MacBook Pro powerbook g4 to MacBook pro

    so yesterday morning my g4 wouldn't power on with a full battery. my powerbook has been effing up on me for quiet some time now. i had to get dc board, logic board, and lcd panel replaced within last 4 months. APPLE CARE PLAN is worth every penny. so yesterday morning is would power on. i call...
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    Leopard - Multiple Computer Installs

    you install on as many macs as you want.
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    Are you still happy with your iPhone?

    i love it even more that i put on the bodyguardz allover protector
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    Part of the touchscreen quit?

    first call custom service so they can write it down on your notes and they will also make an appointment for you with your Apple store. you get there wait for you name to be call. get a new phone. you should be go.
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    app.tapp 1.1.1

    yeah i think i will wait till the site i downloaded installer from updates this process. i have no idea how to use ssh. i would like to learn. SIX ONE NINA