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    What are you listening to?

    Sons of Sylvia - Love Left to Lose
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    Song of the Day

    The Apples In Stereo -Can You Feel It?
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    What are you listening to?

    The Apples In Stereo - Told You Once
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    Battery Drains IMMEDIATELY

    Providing your moisture sensors haven't been activated or the warranty hasn't been voided in another manner.
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    Lost all data in my iPhone

    Have you attempted to restore the phone from your last backup file yet? That would be what I'd try first.
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    2010 NFL Draft

    Do you watch football CJ?
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    I went naked today!

    I've been going naked since the 3G and will not use a case again.
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    NFL GameDay!

    Well, if it isn't broken... :dft011:wicked_smile
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    NFL GameDay!

    Peppers = the second coming of Albert Haynesworth. lol He's going to save da Bears much like Crybaby did last year. Good luck with that one and with letting Olsen go to boot.
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    SeaWorld trainer killed by killer whale

    Regardless, animals were not put here for our entertainment. [/pet peeve]
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    What's your favorite Olympic event?

    True. Bigger match up and bigger stake for the winner but either team could take the gold. IMO there won't be an upset in this game regardless of the outcome.
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    Idea for purchasing iPhone

    Actually, the unlimited texting plan is $20 monthly.
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    What's your favorite Olympic event?

    No big surprise there, honestly.
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    What's your favorite Olympic event?

    I read something last week that said Olympic viewers are 67% female. Go figure.
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    A T & T vs. MiFi

    I live downtown in the 80206 zip code. My coverage is excellent. It has improved greatly over the last year and a half or so. Initially I had practically zero reception inside my home but could walk outside around the corner and have full strength. That is no longer the case, fortunately...