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    how long until sNES on the iPhone?

    quick someone put an Elvis wallpaper on their phone and take a pic of it lol
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    Yay Background Mod!

    It goes in System/Library/CoreServices/
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    Smart modders/hackers....lets fix the volume.

    SEEM edits haven't done that since my KRZR, but you're right. Unfortunately it seems the gui iPhone interface and the dos based version both don't show all the files or they are embedded in some system files, we still have yet to susccessfully find any of the animations, i found 1 masked as a...
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    Welcome to the Matrix

    This was made by Myself and JakeyBoy also with the help of poetic folly. So give thanks to us three for the wonderful theme. Presenting a new way to make full background icons and The Matrix Version 1 Background Im sure all of you have heard of JakeyBoy's newly posted way to put in backgrounds...
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    WIP: Matrix Skin preview

    lol i'm good, but not that good
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    WIP: Matrix Skin preview

    lol find me a 60x60 ipod with transparent background and ill switch it lol its what i had to work with. plus i still have to alter a few other things too Oh and for the background, just to let people know i did not discover the mod it was all Jakeyboy who helped me with this pack, wish i could...
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    WIP: Matrix Skin preview

    Ok guys its almost done, here are 2 quick pics of the Matrix skin, almost done the testing phase, notice the background in picture 2. When pack is released all will be thanked that helped.
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    NEWS: iPhone 'Hello World' Application

    you can pretty much see the status of this if you go to the toolchain wiki they update it nightly with progress reports
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    Drag and drop Program for Modding...

    make sure you download version 1.0 not version .8 that one is unstable. Also becareful with version 1.0 when you drop them into it, they don't always take, you might find you have to drop them in a couple times, other than that great little app
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    GUIDE: How to change SMS Bubble Color

    and you can look in this thread for exactly where they go, and some examples, goodluck
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    Anyone Bricked?

    Alhonestly I wasn't worried at all, i have been modding motos for years, and Windows Mobile as well. But once you do it once, its addictive
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    MSG Notification Mod

    if u need help lemmie know
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    Any particular reason why...

    sounds like the touch screen sensors went bad, as for not giving you a new one right then and there, you are right you are past your 14 day period, because before what they were doing was just exchanging them as defective for a new one
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    eheh thanks for the props
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    Has anybody had any luck changing any of the Backgrounds?

    Been working on this for a couple of days now, it seems at this point in time the keyboard and numerical keypad are un-changeable even if its just a color swap let alone actual edit. As for the background of the home screen, it seems that it is color code that very well could be hard coded into...