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    iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5 LTE Comparison

    I am getting some good LTE speeds on a 5C T-Mobile. With 5 bars of service I am averaging 32 up and 23 down. In 3 bar areas 10-14 down 6-8 up. The wifi is terrific - 73 up and 65 down. Very occasionally the phone is on 4G but I have not run any speed tests on that so overall I am pleased.
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    Is there a jailbreak feature that can stop apps knowing my device is jail broken?

    I'm having the same issue. I can't use my cable TV app because it detects the JB. I have to wonder why they put so much effort into not letting it be used with a service you pay for! tSProtector P worked for me for awhile but when the cable TV app updated it stopped working and it also doesn't...
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    Best Excel and Powerpoint app for iPhone

    Plus 1 for Docs to go. It's easy to use and if I have a lot of docs to transfer I use the desktop sync and then tweak it on my phone.
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    What your iPhone's home screen says about you

    I'm a control freak BUT I have pages and pages all nicely
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    Is there a jailbreak feature that can stop apps knowing my device is jail broken?

    As an alternative to XCon, you might want to give TsProtector P a try. I've had success in the apps I needed it for.
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    iPhone 5C Heating Up Quickly?

    They tried to tell me that they pay for all the chargers and couldn't just give me one - - but they did :) :)
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    Slow Shutter Cam for iPhone: Enter to win Free App Friday!

    I take lots of photos outside of the streets, building, casinos and try to make them look interesting to post on my blog.
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    iPhone 5C Heating Up Quickly?

    I had purchased a 5C and the phone was getting VERY hot. Even the plug in the charger. I had only had it for a few days. Went back to T-Mobile and they tried to give me a Samsung charger and I said no. They weren't too helpful and finally gave me a new charger. Phone was still was getting very...
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    iPhone 5C color - What is the most popular?

    I bought white. I did consider pink but opted for white with a purple and pink case.
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    What iPhone 5c color are you buying?

    I like the white. Then again, I loved my white
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    Need help please...iPhone is in eternal coma :((

    Since the phone is not factory unlocked, it got locked when you attempted the upgrade process so the other Sim cards would not work. It's originally an 02 iPhone, right? Maybe the 02 sim card is bad and/or not seated right. Can you borrow an o2 sim and try it and very gently, remove SIM tray...
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    Question on unlocking 3GS

    Hello ...well technically you can upgrade to 5.0. It must be custom firmware to preserve your baseband. I used sn0wbreeze and then ultrasn0w. I have a 3GS, 5.13.04 old bootrom too. The problem is that Apple stopped signing 5.0 so you can't upgrade to 5.0. Do not go to 5.0.1 that is unlockable.
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    Anyone ever accidentally pull down the "notifications" screen?

    happens to me as well...nbd tho
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    3GS on 5.0...can I update to 5.1?

    Where is the unlock section on this forum? I have looked under all the sections and don't see it. I'm using the iPhone ap.
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    3GS on 5.0...can I update to 5.1?

    It looks like sn0wbreeze will work. What about Ultrasn0w for the unlock? Where do I find this information?