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    Winter: Phone always in Safe Mode

    I installed Winterboard about 50 times now trying to get it to work. Its always on Safe Mode. I uninstall it and its fine. I install Winterboard back to safe mode. I am on 3.0 3Gs. I don't know what to do.
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    i found an iPhone but I can't turn it on

    All your doing is advertising the website.
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    Question about upgrade.

    I just won't upgrade. I don't need wifi music stores.
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    Question about upgrade.

    Alright I am kinda lost on what exactly the 1.1.1 update does to peoples phone. I iBricked my phone. Then I installed Apollo Chat and just replaces some icons on my phone. What would the update do to it? Thanks to whoever answers.
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    i found an iPhone but I can't turn it on

    yes I am pretty sure he was just advertising the website.
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    Summerboard Themes: w/ iShare->iPhone Download

    Wow that is really nice!
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    Sell me your $100 Apple credit

    Sounds good to me. If no one else offers more I will let you know on Sunday. I am going to London today and will be back Sunday. I know, go there and come right back. Anyways I will post back Sunday. I am not leaving till like 10 tonight, so I will still post on here until then.
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    Sell me your $100 Apple credit

    I don't need anything from the Apple Store. I am going to by a 3rd party car adapter when one comes out. I will exchange it over paypal.
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    DockWare: New Dock Skin

    Can you post that reflection bg without the reflected icons on it?
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    Car Speaker for iPhone

    Should I wait for this
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    Car Speaker for iPhone

    Exactly which one do you have? I will get it.
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    New iTunes

    yes just uninstall the mobile device and it should work.
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    Car Speaker for iPhone

    Sorry weird title but is there an in car holder that runs over the radio signal that works for the iPhone? I know there are a lot for the iPod but I don't want to run it in airport mode or whatever.
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    Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone

    I ruined both of mine. It made me angry. I put it on and I had tiny dust particle on my phone so I lifted it up easy and tried to wipe the screen then I lied it back down and there was more dust. Also you can not clean them. Impossible. You can clean the side you touch but thats it.
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    They're nice but I would pay 24.99 for them. I bought 6 silicon/gel cases on ebay for 1.99 for all 6. 6 different colors and I have only used the black one right now but it works great!