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    AT&T didn't want me to return the iPhone 4

    Damnit, why do I have Windows again. LOL
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    iPhone 3GS corrosion, help

    It sounds like your USB cable may have had water on it while it was still plug into the computer or power supply (corrosion would have build up) and you transfered to the phone when you plug it in.
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    blacksn0w, it's HERE !

    Well, I got finally got tethering to work after several attemps. I am just tired of waiting for AT&T to get the ball rolling. It's sad to have to Jailbreak the iPhone to get Tethering when I had it three years ago on my HTC Phone with AT&T. I can't wait to see what AT&T will screw up on the...
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    No Data Services AT ALL, although iPhone says otherwise

    I had issues in the past with it being a Hardware issue, but since the release of MMS I have had not nothing but problems with the Data Service. I have a 5 bars on EDGE and 3G and even then have issues with choppy (cuts in and out) phone calls.
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    My 3GS GPS Sucks!

    I had issue in the past with Maps. It ended up being something internal with the GPS. I had exchanged my phone and never had issue since.
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    Cracked iPhone Screen?

    I was told by an Apple Rep that they would exchange my V1 with cracked LCD for $100 and was told it was the same for a Single Crack Glass or Water Damaged. When the 3G came out they wouldn't exchange my water damaged one (in August), but was told they would do it now. Not sure how true this...
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    Craigslist scam
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    ....or maybe it's the risk? Attention Mac users June 15, 2009: Apple today released a fix for OS X 10.4 and 10.5 to the problem described below. If you are running OS X 10.4 then the safe versions of Java are 1.5.0_19 and 1.4.2_21 (download here). If you are running OS X 10.5, then the...
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    I'm sure Steve Jobs will have his JAVA in the morning and laugh about this.
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    MMS app for iPhone that works?

    I waited 2 years, but damn I'm ready for MMS. I had given up on the tethering a year ago and bought a Laptop Card; just with MMS is no way around it other than another phone. What really upset me is that I can't even get MMS messages anymore (the text message that directed you to a website).
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    Baby Monitor / webcam

    I'm with you on that one. I'm always having problems with it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.
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    App idea

    It's funny to read this. I have been checking the App Store for several months now waiting for an EIC App. Figure somebody would develop one. PUSH would be a great idea.
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    iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS is worth it.

    The Speed (faster response), Better Pictures, Video, and Voice Commands what sold me to upgrade.
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    Camped Out in Line Waiting

    OK, 7am and ready to camp out in front of the house. I am going to say it's worst waiting for the delivery driver at home than camping AT&T the last 2 years. I just don't know when he will be here. The wait is on.
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    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    I have camped out the last 2 years, this year I took off and will camp in front of the house, LOL.