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    iPhone OS 3.0 Firmware

    Isn't there a 3.0 beta though? If so, how can I get it?
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    iPhone OS 3.0 Firmware

    I'm anxious to update the software on my iPhone, after seeing all of the improvements and features. When's the release date for the 3.0 firmware?
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    FM Transmitter for iPhone 3G?

    I'm a little upset because I bought a Belkin FM transmitter for my car in April for the first generation iPhone and now I got the iPhone 3G and there's no way I can use it again because of the tapered edges. Does anyone know if there's an FM transmitter for the iPhone 3g? :angry::angry::angry:
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    i love the aim app. the only thing that bugs me is that it automatically signs you off when you exit the app. i wish it kept you online like on the sidekick.
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    iPhone 2nd generation?

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    iPhone FM transmitter

    I've used the DLO TransDock FM Transmitter before and it works great! I haven't experienced much or no static at all while driving here in Florida. There's some static within Downtown Orlando or in the Orlando area in general. All in all, it's a great FM Transmitter and I recommend it. The only...
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    Create/Edit ringtones through iTunes only (Windows)

    OK, I followed all the steps for making the ringtone. I made the song within 30 seconds or whatever and now I'm having trouble converting it into a .m4r file. I RENAMED it songtitle.m4r and it's not showing up in my ringtone folder. I have iTunes 7.6. Does that have anything to do with it?
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    ichat or AIM app?

    i heard they're going to come with an aim app. in february in the massive update?
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    Ifuntastic3 VS.

    Sorry about that. I forgot. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Ifuntastic3 VS.

    Are they even reliable softwares, including iBrikr? I've heard that some softwares monitor what you do on your iPhone and crap.
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    Restoring to factory defaults via iTunes doesn't work as well. Are there any other possible ways or am I just in deep crap?
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    Ok, I've heard that you have to hold the Home and Sleep button for 10 seconds to reset the iPhone when it freezes but it doesn't work for me and I've turned the iPhone off because it's similar to a computer where it's bound to freeze once in a while and having to restart it. In my situation, it...
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    iPhone froze...

    How would you exactly remove the sim card?
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    Internet, Photos, etc.

    I have been recently experiencing problems on my iPhone by going on the internet, looking at photos, or listening to my music on the iPod feature and in a few moments later, it will switch back to the main menu randomly. It will be either a couple minutes later or in a couple of seconds. Does...