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    Marware MicroShell Case & SGP Ultra Clear Protectors much cheaper!

    Thank yes, it does say iPad 2 on the description under "compatible with" so I feel confident they are correct.
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    Marware MicroShell Case & SGP Ultra Clear Protectors much cheaper!

    Marware Cases & SGP Ultra Clear Protectors much cheaper! I had pre-ordered the Marware Microshell for my iPad 2 which lists for $39.99 on the Marware website. I recently found it for much cheaper at Adorama Camera which has it for $19.99 with free super saver shipping or 3-5 day shipping for...
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    Speck Pixelskin hd vs Apple Smartcover

    The Speck PixelSkin HD does have coverage on the back, not sure why they don't mention it, but it's been confirmed on other sitex. RM, are you getting kickback from pimpin the EIC store and that case :), the design is less than stellar though. Something like the Timbuk 2 ones are much cooloer...
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    iPad 2 cases

    Not really big on those oversized envelope cases, really just needed a back protector that works with the smart cover so I went Marware since I didn't see any others out there. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    iPad 2 cases

    Yeah the $69 for the black leather is pretty damn steep, the only reason I got one is that I did a Bill me Later thing where it hurts less over a 6 month period of paying it. But coupling that with the Marware back shell and it absolutely is absurd to have to pay $100+ for the two together. I...
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    iPad 2 cases

    Oops forgot to mention, in case no one had, if you are interested in any of the Marware cases, you can get 10% with coupon code MARWAREMC01 it worked for the order I just placed:
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    iPad 2 cases

    No prob, lots more cases than I thought via that link, was interesting checking them all out. Really liked how they embedded the links to the cases so I didn't have to track them down. I opted to get the Marware Microshell as I have a smart cover already. If I didn't I would prob have gone...
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    iPad 2 cases

    I found this really good link from PCworld that details lots of iPad 2 cases with links:
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    Who wants to FaceTime ?

    phew that's a relief, I normally surf online in my mom's basement shirtless so hopefully it won't cause any issues when I do FT:
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    Who wants to FaceTime ?

    I'd like to FT with someone to just see what it's like but I'm a little creeped out at the same time. Do any of the Apple employees take their pants off if you call just to test?
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    How much do u love your iPhone 4

    I would wipe my butt with the phone & then blow my nose with the TP
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    So is it impossible to get 5 bars now?

    still getting 5's luckily...ooooh 3 now...wait.... got 2... ok back to 4..... errrr 2 again... I'm @ 1 FML
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    Switcheasy Nude Review: An honest opinion.

    I received my ultra clear Nude case today & was disappointed. I also found the packaging to be a pita to get open very unclear how you are to open it, sounds dumb but it was. Upon getting it out I felt it was a bit too thin n cheap feeling for my taste. The two main reasons I didn't like it...
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    Will I be able to use my 3G SIM card in my new iPhone 4?

    unfortunately not, the iPhone 4 uses a micro-sim and it's not compatible with the sim in the 3G or 3GS as far as I know.
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    SGP Ultra Crystal iPhone 4 screen protector.

    unfortunately someone tried that already on the thread, didn't work well, he mentioned you need a very powerful and precise hole puncher to do it right. I think he said it creased the entire skin and made it unusable.