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    Report your 1.1.3. jailbreak update here

    Yeah, all my ringtones are silent and no pinpointing from Google maps. Probably should have waited. I was really looking forward to the pinpointing feature. Also, iTunes store has problems previewing songs. And this is a big one ... iPod music is silent too. Videos are okay though...
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    Your first WOW moment w/iPhone

    The first few hours after activatation was one big WOW moment. But after that I would have to say when I was entering in my friends' contact info, I accidentally hit the filled in address field and it took me straight to Google Maps, zoomed in, and pinned my friend's place on the map. Damn...
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    Is there a way to watch TV on the iPhone?

    Unfortunately, it seems that the iPhone's "streaming" video requires that the video be finished compressing before you can watch it because the format needs the exact size of all the video and audio frames before it starts to play. So no live TV until they add a streaming format to the iPhone...
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    What type/size/etc. video's can I upload so they'll play from Safari?

    The problem you are having might not have to do with the movie format but instead with how it is embedded into the website. Filefront may not embed it in a way that the iPhone is happy with. As for formats that work with properly embedded webpages, the 3GPConverter(0.34) seems to create the...
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    iPhone 1.1.1 ringtone

    I just saw this article. Looks promising. I will try it once I upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.1.1 (this is was the missing piece I was waiting for).
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    Sports Scores

    For Baseball, is the best one I found. It is all text and you can get live updates with play-by-play and boxscores. It is very fast since it is all text.
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    It seems like a lot of people here are trying real hard to convince themselves that Apple sold more than what was reported. You know what? I couldn't care less how many iPhones Apple did or didn't sell. As long as they sold one ... mine.
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    How realistic is an iPhone for everyday use?

    Yeah, $600+ bucks seemed like a lot for phone. But oh my goodness! The iPhone amazes me almost everyday with what it does and how well it does it and how cool it looks while doing it. A co-worker was telling me that he was in the city (SF) this past weekend with two friends that had...
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    Official Using Handbrake for DVD to iPhone Conversion discussion

    I tried the pc version on XP pro and found that a lot of the DVDs I own have copy protection that is too strong for Handbrake and fails with message: "error no titles found." (and yes I selected the video_ts folder) Its a shame because it sounded like a much better solution than my current...
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    iPhoneinterface not opening...

    What is iTools? And what does it have to do with this thread? Britna, were you doing anything risky with your iPhone when it first went down? I just used iPhoneinterface to change my carrier logo and add some ringtones. Now I am a little worried that my phone might go down suddenly due to...