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    Are you excited for Monday? Tell us why.

    Anyone have any ideas as to the availability of the 3G this time around? Do I need to camp out?
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    Dropped phone now no service

    It has a nasty dent and scratches on the side plus it's unlocked. Do they actually repair phones at the Apple store or do they send them away? Anyone recommend a reputable online repair service?
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    Dropped phone now no service

    Dropped my iPhone earlier today (fell out of my pocket while standing on a ladder). All menus work, audio and even wireless except getting No Service. Tried wife's sim in there and still No Service. Tried usual resets etc. Do you think it's an antenna problem and potentially the clearboost...
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    Any Free SMS ? is the only free SMS app designed for the iPhone. We're also working on making it easier to manage contacts once added via the web interface.
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    Any Free Websites we can use to send free text messages?

    We have a beta version that works on the iPhone. Free unlimited outbound text messages and group emails. We're working on some new unlimited SMS plans for two-way messaging. More to come soon. Edit: All...
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    Text Messaging--Mass Text Possible?

    We're running a beta for the iPhone. Sign up at Add your contacts. On your iPhone head to Sending SMS one way to any sized group is completely free.
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    Full WiFi + "No Service" = No Internet Capability

    I have the same problem and I can tell you there is no relation between a no AT&T signal and a wi-fi connection because I have a hacked phone and it works fine with my home wi-fi network. Now what's weird is the hotspot wi-fi network I'm trying to connnect to is open with full signal. I have...
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    When will Amazon have the iPhone?

    Just checking to see if anyone has any news on when Amazon will, or if, they'll be stocking the iPhone anytime soon?
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    GPS Software?

    Stupidest thing I ever saw a company do: Put a map application on a phone without GPS enabled. I picked up a Boost phone from Target for $20 that has GPS built in. It's even better when linked up to Just plain dumb if you ask me.
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    TiVo to iPhone

    This gave me an idea. I wonder if it's possible to use a slingbox with the iPhone (over wifi of course)?
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    LogMeIn support via browser?

    If anyone has a Logmein account can you let me know if it works on the iPhone? I do a lot of remote server support and am interested to know if this works. Appreciated.
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    When will Amazon have the iPhone?

    I have about $300 in Amazon gift vouchers I want to use up.
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    When will Amazon have the iPhone?

    Has anyone heard when this will be? It's on their site but no release date. Thx.