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    Is Jailbreaking still needed?

    Nothing besides customizing your icons and background, that's ALL I see beneficial for a jailbreak now.
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    3G speeds DISAPPOINTING... *video proof*

    How the hell is this disappointing? It's almost twice as fast.
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    $70 a month?

    Basically you'll be paying $100 (after taxes, etc.) for the lowest plan with unlimited texts.
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    To the person who stole my 4 gigger......

    It's all good. At least you didn't get your iDay 8gigger stolen.......Like I did. :(
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    Haha, funny. yes, it's free but I only see it being "killer" if it's not required to have it on your phone to be tracked. But then I guess that'd be against privacy issues. I just don't see me getting it if everyone else needs it because I know none of my friends have it. Bummer :frown:
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    Verizon to AT&T for iPhone 3G?

    Well, really there's no arguing that the iPhone is the best phone out right now because let's face it, it is. I'm not saying it's a perfect phone, no phone is perfect, but for what phones have to offer, the iPhone is definitely ontop of every other phone. yes, it might not have MMS or video but...
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    Ok, so if I have a friend who has a blackberry with loopt on it but he's with Verizon (I know it's coming soon, but lets just say its out now), Could I find him on loopt?
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    Verizon to AT&T for iPhone 3G?

    I spent 4 years with Verizon before I switched to AT&T for the iPhone. Personally, I like Verizon's service(coverage) a lot better (AT&T's claim for "fewest dropped calls" is not valid for my experience, I probably had 10 dropped calls with Verizon in my 4 years and I've had 50+ in my 1 year...
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    LG Vu or 3G iPhone?

    You can't come on an iPhone website and ask whether you should get phone A or an iPhone. Clearly most of these people are biased despite the fact that the iPhone probably (definitely) is the better phone. But did you seriously ask for a comparison of the iPhone and another phone here? Psshh, please.
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    For those who know about it this question is for you: So in order for you to search for someone do they need an iPhone+loopt, either or neither? I'm confused about this applicaiton. It will be very useful if you could find any of your friends regardless of whether or not they have loopt, but...
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    Well i just found out that....

    Just checked, and yup, I'm still on the iPhone data plan. Hope I'm alright. :2cool:
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    Well i just found out that....

    How about my situation guys: I bought the iPhone on iDay and I have proof (receipts, iPhone plan, etc.) but a few weeks ago my iPhone was stolen by some kids and I bought the cheapest phone I could find at AT&T and am currently waiting until the 3G iPhone. Can I still get the discounted price?
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    Date predictions of 2.0

    Didn't he already say June 27th/28th or something already?
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    If I pay full price, do I have to sign a contract?

    To Saverino: No, I didn't use an upgrade to buy the phone, I just paid $40 for the cheap phone. And to last replier: I bought mine for $600 too and I know that wasn't subsidized, but if I have proof of me owning the iPhone from iDay, I should be fine right?
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    If I pay full price, do I have to sign a contract?

    I still don't see why he'd make it cheaper for current 2G owners, I feel like they're the only ones who should be paying the most. But besides my opinion tell me if I am eligible: I bought the iPhone on iDay and activated my line on like July 3rd 2007. Some kid stole my iPhone at the gym a month...