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    Wallet case for wireless charging

    From things that I've been reading on the interwebs, people are saying to keep credit cards away from the back of iPhones with wireless charging. Those style of cases that hold cards on the back will probably result in the cards not working. The fold cases with a wallet always intrigued me...
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    iPhone X iPhone X first impressions

    same, that was what I felt like was going to be my major gripe.
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    iPhone X iPhone X first impressions

    My first impressions are that this is an amazing machine. Set up for me was easy even though my 8+ was on 11.1 and the X was not. It started the set up process then told me I needed to upgrade, which it did. Once I got it set up (7 minutes total) I was a little thrown off on the size in my...
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    iPhone X Everyone happy?

    Yeah I am super happy with it. I was also kinda bummed about the battery percentage, you can see it in the control center though. Overall I'm very pleased. The screen is stunning in my opinion.
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    iPhone X X preorder thread

    It does feel smaller to me coming from all pluses till now. But it quickly becomes more natural with the screen size. I now prefer this size over the plus because I can fully use it one handed. The screen size quickly changed me.
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    iPhone X X preorder thread

    I was in the same boat. Until I took this thing out and gave it a good test drive. Now I’m definitely selling my 8+
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    iPhone X Shipped

    Wow. Just got mine and swapping from my 8+ was a breeze. Was this the first time set up was like the Apple Watch? Where you just scan the swirl on your old phone and the new backs up to that? This is by far the best phone I’ve ever had. I’m in love.
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    iPhone X X preorder thread

    this new ups beta tracking is great and a curse at the same time. I keep watching the ups guy deliver all around my house but still hasn't gotten to me yet.
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    iPhone X X preorder thread

    No cancelation here! Just received a shipped email with tracking.
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    iPhone X X preorder thread

    I’m hoping mine doesn’t get canceled. It still says pending with a 11/3 ship
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    iPhone X X preorder thread

    Sprint was a total nightmare this year. I tried for over an hour and half then gave up since I have the 8+ already. Woke up around 7:30eastern and tried and got through with delivery of the 3rd. Seems Sprint had a large stock this year which was nice. iPhone x sg 64gb.
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    iPhone 7 Which iPhone Did You Get?

    Wound up picking up a 7 plus 128gb at target today! Woo!
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 PLUS Campout thread

    Nobody in philly has any stock. I've been calling all morning.
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 Plus Shipping Thread

    Hey all! I'm on a 2 week wait... first year I didn't get on iday. Hope everyone is loving the new phone! I can't wait to get mine.
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    iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Photos

    Could believe how high res this came out in the pitch black.