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    JB with Limera1N, but no icon!

    I installed the Limera JB and followed the video and instructions from All the messages came up good and said done. I rebooted the phone 4 times and no Limera icon. On their update #3 it says "don't run it two times in a row you will lose icons". So i don't know what to do...
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    Understanding SHSH - How and what to do with it?

    I would like to JB, but I am unsure on the best way to go about it. I have read through the JB articles and this SHSH is confusing me, also It seems like the process of JB part is easy, I am just not understanding the purpose of saving your firmware on someones server...
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    Ringtones with iPhone 4, help

    Thanks, just figured out i had to change my import setting from mp3 to acc to see the Create ACC Version when right clicked... :ok:ok All good now!
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    Ringtones with iPhone 4, help

    I right click the sone in iTunes, but there is no selection for "Convert selection to AAC" Did they change something in iTunes 10? It is a mp3 file.
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    Ringtones with iPhone 4, help

    Will this change the songs lenght or should i make a duplicate first? don't want to screw up the songs i
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    Outlook email problems after iPhone sync

    Ok, I don't know what happened, but heres more info. I have another computer that i freshly installed MS outlook on and moved all my contacts over from the other computer. Well The 3 contacts that were having problems before are getting everything fine. Just like they were BEFORE i synced with...
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    Outlook email problems after iPhone sync

    I am having problems sending messages to a couple of my email contacts from my microsoft office 2003. This is only after i had been adding contacts to my iPhone and syncing with outlook. This has started almost since i had the phone in july. I originally thought it may be a problem with my email...
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    ringtone work around help

    Originally I had the iPhoneringtone make and I had never updated my phone since I bought it in June, but this time I decided to use the work around. It work perfectly for my buddies phone. My iPhone it did not work. So I read somewhere to try unpluging the iPhone as soon as it shuts off and...
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    ringtone work around help

    I have tried the above steps on my friends phone first at his house and everything worked great. Then i tried mine and it didn't work. I didn't have the custom ringtone section on my sounds settings page. So i did a search and i found some where a little tip. I noticed that during the end of the...
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    Safari web closing out!

    That happened to me a lot and i just turned the phone off and on and it had not done it again.... goodluck
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    Oh $100 Credit where art thou?

    So how would someone get the $100 credit? Just go to the store and they'll have you on record?
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    PC Official DVD to iPhone Software Discussion for PC Users

    So what does everyone use to conver mp4's or other video files to dvd? Also for some odd reason iTunes doesn't see my mp4 file to upload. It only sees mpeg files and wont let me upload. any one know why?
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    Optimum Online E-mail Woes

    I have my incoming host name as "" and my outgoing host name as "". Also put user name and password in for both. If you have your email program on your computer open and once it checks and downloads your emails then you will not get them on the iPhone...
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    AT&T phone bill

    didn't make a call for a month? why did you get it?
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    Bluetooth Delay?

    Not sure why the problem? I have an old jabra, think the 250 model and as soon as i hit the button on the ear piece, a second later i'm talking. Is the ear piece on and already paired when the call comes in?