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    in line for iPhone!

    gotta love dallas, the three stores i've scoped out are still clear, im just gunna wait til about 10 or 11 a.m. tomorrow then check again.
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    Call your AT&T tonight...IMPORTANT

    i haven't really figured it out yet, but if i get worried before the mall closes tonight (the Apple store i plan to go to is in a mall), i'm gonna grab my laptop and head up there, then find a nice quiet hallway where no one can find me but i can still pick up wifi and sit there over night haha...
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    Call your AT&T tonight...IMPORTANT

    hey DD0 i'm in dallas too, north dallas to be more specific, and I still haven't decided which store i'm gonna go to or what time I plan to head over there. whats your plan?
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    so ATT man that i now love so much, i believe you on the part about it having just a regular ATT sim card, but is the sim card going to be accessible so that I can just pop the one i have now in without having to sync any contacts to my computer?
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    Apple stores will sell up to 2 per person

    i like you greg haha because of the numbers in your name and because you just eliminated any doubt i had about getting one tomorrow
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    Dallas or Plano, TX

    yo hoop what store told you that? (about havin three hundred not about the sim card)
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    Apple stores will sell up to 2 per person

    this could be a good thing though, if they're gunna allow everyone to buy 2 then that may mean they have more iPhones at launch than they originally planned because normally with something like this all you here is LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER!
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    Anyone in Dallas, Texas?

    Hey all, i'm in North Dallas and really the only two Apple stores around here are the one at Willow Bend Mall and the one on Knox. I have no idea which one I should go to because they i'm in the middle of the two. I also have no clue when I should get out there to start those last few hours of...
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    Dallas or Plano, TX

    I live in North Dallas (pretty much Plano) and I was actually debating which of those two stores I was going to go to. Still haven't decided...Knox could draw a bigger crowd because its in a bigger area, but then again everyone near Willow Bend Mall can probably afford the iPhone so who knows...
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    More release date questions?

    i must say, i've been pumped about the iPhone for months now and somehow just now stumbled upon this forum. I have read at least an hours worth of posts then finally decided to make one of my own. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who posted useful information and hints it has only made me...