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    Ordered through AT&T still no phone?

    I got an email around 6pm from AT&T stating that my iPhone 6 plus 64gb finally shipped from their Fort Worth, Texas location it'll be here this Monday!!!!
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    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Still still shows non currently available.
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    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Hopefully we all can get through!
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    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Both Apple & AT&T website are still closed. What now? =/
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    Which new iPhone 6 are you getting?

    iPhone 6 plus 64 gig.
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    Here's my AR pistol with the upgrades.
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    Best Way To Order iPhone 6

    I normally use Apple to order Apple products I tried AT&T before when I had them for service and their website was always going down.
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    Let's talk fantasy football!

    Are you guys playing on Yahoo, ESPN or something else? So far I'm doing good on Yahoo Fantansy football!
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    Europa or other nutrition guru's

    What my surgeon told me after surgery approx two weeks when I last saw him...He said I'm great weight for my height I just help getting protein before I get really sick and would have to get a feeding tube in my stomach.
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    Europa or other nutrition guru's

    Mine's a pink pill that dissolves that taste great! I think both Bolthouse Farms and Ensure drinks would be better for me from the dietitian and surgeon told me.
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    Europa or other nutrition guru's

    Hey Guys & Ladies, Back on June 11th of 2014 I went under for a Hiatal Hernia with Robotics surgery and ever since the surgery I been loosing weight fast. I was about 275lbs cause of my height 6'7 I always been tall had some weight on me. Now, back to the weight loss I been to my doctor and his...
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    Your TV purchase is top notch! :)
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    You always have to be on your best behavior! She's on point :D
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    Very nice weapon Europa! How you like it? I like that FDE/Tan color :)
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    Sound Loss

    I say next thing if all else fails and nothing else works visit a Apple store.