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    Question: Upgrade to 3G then switch back

    Thanks RavMan. I know it probably sounds weird to many, but I really want to keep my v1 iPhone and want husband to have 3G. I was just hoping to avoid paying the full price for the 3G iPhone (save a little $$ by paying the upgrade price). Maybe I'm just being too cheap ;)
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    Question: Upgrade to 3G then switch back

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, searched 30+pages of topics and couldn't find the answer to my question...which is: I have a first gen iPhone (and want to keep it) and want to get a 3G for my husband, but he isn't eligible for the upgrade. Can I upgrade my phone to the 3G and...
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    Question: 2 iPhones w/1 SIM

    I've done several searches on this topic, so I'll apologize in advance if this is a repeat! I'm thinking of upgrading to the 16g iPhone and keeping my current 8g. My thought is that the 8g would be great to take along during activities where it could potentially get damaged (i.e...
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    Is there a directory of all "Everything Apple" forums?

    Hi Lester, I have an AppleTV and love it. I'm not an expert in home audio (and the like), but I think my AppleTV is perfect, except for its capacity. I'm an early adopter, so my AppleTV hard drive is fairly small. I've been thinking about upgrading to the 160gb version. There only...
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    Shieldzone...anyone have one?

    Yes, you are correct. The installation wasn't too bad. Be prepared to take your time and go very slowly as your applying. After it cures it looks great. I think it helps my iPhone not feel so slippery as well. Good luck!
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    Shieldzone...anyone have one?

    Here are some pics of my iPhone with the Shieldzone on....not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it was all I had time for. I'm also using an AB Sutton case in addition to the Shieldzone. I love the Shieldzone product. I have it on every gadget I own that has a screen or a...
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    the To Do List app

    Link please! I really need a place to keep track of all my 'to dos'.
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    Ringtones now Available on iTunes.

    Hummm.....I just put my iPhone in its dock, checked for updates for both iTunes and iPhone and I didn't get this message. bummer!
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    iTunes Ringtone Folder?

    My 'ringtones' folder didn't show up until I renamed a couple AAC files to '.m4r'. Then the folder appeared in \My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\. The folder is still there, but after I did the latest update, all of the ringtones that are in that folder won't sync to my iPhone. I get an error...
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    I want to listen to ALL my music!

    I have several ipods (5th gen, nano) syncing to my computer along with my iPhone. Works great!
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    iTunes and Ringtones

    I'm on a mac and don't see them either.
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    Screen cleaning

    I use an optical cleaning solution that I also use to clean my eye glasses. It works great!
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    iToner Custom Ring tones by Ambrosia Software

    Website correction: ( is an ink and toner sales company). Cheers, N
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    I'm on my second Apple bt headset. My first one was very bad, but the second has been great with no issues. I do have to use a Jabra Eargel to keep it in my ear, but that doesn't bother me and it doesn't reduce the sound quality.
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    handbreak settings

    Have you tried 480x320 yet? I read (I think on this site) that was the best resolution to use.