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    AT&T won't unlock my iPhone

    If your contract is off and you have no debt (clean balance, no unpaid bills etc) you can really ask AT&T to unlock your device. If you have a contract you can login on AT&T official site making use of your AT&T account and click on “Chat Now” Complete the AT&T chart form with real info. Next...
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    Orange are hopeless

    And so, did they unlock your phone? Maybe will help you?
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    Run iOS 6 right now with no UDID activation and no dev account

    Why not? I found simplified method to install iOS 6 beta without developer account using latest version of iTunes. Its really work! I tested it on my iPhone 4 so now I can enjoy iOS 6 features (y)
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    Things noticed in iOS 6 beta.

    I am waiting for Siri on iPad! I think iOS 6 will bring it to device.:)
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    Spire Proxy Server

    I use they loads some more extra plugins and the connection quality seems to be fine
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    iPhone Baseband core dump in progress

    That's function is presented in all X-Gold basebands chips. Look here there is the simple method to turn this function OFF
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    Caller can not hear me

    It might be the logicboard issue. i had the same problem
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    Has anybody installed iOS 6?

    Me too. Over 200 new features, that's cool.