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  • No, I haven't change my mind. I apologize, I've had a really busy few days - got sick with bronchitis! :(

    Charging my camera battery now, taking pictures and sending them to you tonight. Would you want the invisible shield case and/or the other cases as well?
    Have you changed your mind? If not the phone doesn't need to be jailbroken or unlocked i can do all that myself.
    I will send pictures to you tonight when I get home. Haven't taken any yet, so I'll take some fresh just for you. The screen is in 100% mint condition, the back is in 95% great condition (a few little blemishes from rubbing on the case). Price depends whether you want the phone (a) regular, (b) unlocked (c) unlocked & jailbroken and whether or not you want the cases. I'd only charge for one case (invisible shield) and would include the other two completely free. Will send you an e-mail tonight!
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