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    Significant Call Drops

    Well, spent Wednesday at the Apple store where they replaced my phone-4S- because of the issues surrounding the call failures and dropped calls. Had been there on Monday and had reset all settings and that did not help. It is interesting that the battery life is much better with the replacement...
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    Significant Call Drops

    I started this thread because of a problem with my iPhone 4S. I am not a spammer and have been a member for several years.. The problems persists with the upgrade to 5.0.1 and I have a microcell from AT &T in my home to insure signal strength. I have done a hard reset and it has no impact on...
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    Significant Call Drops

    I have an iPhone 4Gs on AT&T and have noticed significant call drops over my past iPhone 4. Was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same? "Significant" is 3-5 times a day!
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    When will iPad be a true network device?

    Correct You are correct. Goodreader does not change this either. Let's say I am browsing in Safari, would like to save a picture of my grandchild from my son in law's blog, not on my iPad but in a directory on my Mac. At the moment I cannot do this. I have heard that possibly 4.0 may allow us...
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    When will iPad be a true network device?

    When will the iPad /iPhone be a true network device that allows one to save pictures, documents, and files to other hard drives, Mac, etc.. I believe that is the real future of the iPad device as a true network integrated handheld it is now , it is very limiting in it's performance...
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    AT&T Offers New $100 Unlimited Voice/Data (Not SMS) Plan for iPhone

    A Break? Tethering, what's tethering? I tether my horse who isn't with AT&T, but I can't tether anything else because I am with AT&T. Here's a wild idea- let's startup our own network.
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    Ford/Ms "Sync" system with iPhone

    You can change this by using the aux button on the bottom of the right button next to the cd hole. You should be able to use this button to tell the radio what input is to be used. Otherwise,the new 3GS works quite well with sync(even though it is a Windows product.)
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    iPhone Software 3.0 Official Discussion Thread

    Slower? -reboot After loading 3.0 my phone was super slow, lags in almost all the apps. I shut the phone off, waited, and re-started again (a reboot.) All was super after the reboot.
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    Why should I have to wait a month to buy 3G S?

    I have checked the eligibility page on Apple's site and according to Apple, I cannot receive the standard rate until a month later-July. Why? I have bought my iPhone on each opening day since it came out- why not now? I would have to spend $200.00 more on June 19th compared to July 12th, 2009...
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    What ringtones are you using from iTunes?

    16.6 seconds of Star Trek "Main Title" "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter
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    How to transfer contacts from Nokia phone to iPhone?

    use nokia pc suite You will need to use the Nokia PC Suite available from Nokia to transfer your contacts to outlook. You will need to then sync your iPhone through iTunes with outlook- the extension for the contacts to work is a vcards extension. Once you have done this- you should have...
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    Have You Dropped Your iPhone?

    run over by two cars I have a friend who had his iphoine in his pocket while riding his motorcycle and it fell out , as he looked back in horror, not one car but two ran over it. Unbelievably, the phone still works and the email still works, but the display is in need of a little attention...
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    First Impression, 12 hours using my iPhone

    I have been surprised to find that edge is much quicker than I anticipated. It may be the area I am in where less demand allows for quicker speeds (possibly.) That is one change that I would make to your very fine comment. Having had 3 treos which never worked right on Verizon, I would rate the...
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    Chicago - Activiating iPhone

    It took me about three minutes, but I am not in Chicago and was a present AT&T user. It went through faster than I expected at about 7pm est on the 29th. Sorry you are all having problems. Possibly the large size of the market area?
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    honestly, people will find anything to complain about...not me

    That away Standog- couldn't agree with you more wholeheartedly. You spell it out like it is. How many other companies produce like Apple and insure that AT&T didn't gauge, making another corporation act responsively to the customer which will benefit the bottom line in the long run. GO Apple...