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    what the hell is this?

    haha thats an ifone, I've been seeing them all over the web
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    Am I the only one who thinks this?

    They took the 4GB away, they dropped the price on the 8GB.... the new ipods are 8GB and 16GB and almost exactly the same as the iPhone.... does anyone see whats coming next? I didn't find any other posts on this so I thought I'd ask
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    Had a dumb idea to get free text messaging

    Sidekick has unlimited EVERYTHING for $20....
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    Anyone else noticed this? Kind of cool...kind of.

    Verizon has been doing this for years. If you are on a call it would ring then chirp ring than chirp. It lets the caller know you are on another call.
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    WJP09's iPhone Videos *Updated*

    Whether or not you are a noob or a experienced user this is great. I think his postings are informative and are an asset to everyone with a phone.
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    WJP09's iPhone Videos *Updated*

    When i press go it F's up and wont login like was posted earlier.
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    WJP09's iPhone Videos *Updated*

    I figured it out, after putting in your username and password click DONE to close the keyboard, then scroll down and over a little and click sign in. It will sign you in.
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    WJP09's iPhone Videos *Updated*

    I seem to have the same problem Don't know how to get it to work, I'm connecting through wireless not Cell Service (edge sucks)