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    Is this the activation .exe?

    That EXE appears to be the Windows Service which manages the USB connection between iTunes and devices (iPod and now iPhone). Activation is probably via a web-service.
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    They Have Arrived!

    10 per box? A top-down picture posted to another thread showed there were 10 iPhones per a brown box, if the brown box is only one layer then your store received 200 iPhones.
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    Are the home-page icons dynamic?

    The Calendar icon has appeared with different day name and number (either Monday 21 or Friday 29 in different photos and videos). The Clock icon does not appear to show the current time which appears at the top of the screen. Do home-page icons update their content dynamically? Aside from those...
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    Utah iPhone campers

    One more from Orem Not planning to camp, but looks like they only need to send 3 iPhones to Utah so far :laugh2: