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    Help, I had to reload Leopard and now my iPhone

    It will only erase your music and videos, not your ringtones, pics, apps, contacts, etc. I do it all the time between my work computer and my home computer so that I can transfer podcasts to my iPhone and listen to them in my car/gym. It's never erased anything other than music and videos...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Discussion

    Did I read this right? So, according to them, they didn't improve the reception, only the amount of bars that show up on your phone? How in the hell does that help?
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    My iPhone died yesterday, or so I thought

    Yes, I've seen that. However, I've tested my Macbook and it does charge when in standby, so long as the power adapter is plugged in (which, 99% of the time, my laptop is plugged into the wall). Also, I usually do charge it in my room, every night, on the wall plug. I only leave it plugged...
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    My iPhone died yesterday, or so I thought

    Nah, couldn't be that. Apple wouldn't recommend us using the computer if that were the case. Oh, and when my phone came back to life, the battery was fully charged, so it's not like it thought it was out of juice.
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    My iPhone died yesterday, or so I thought

    Hey guys, something weird happened to my iPhone 3G yesterday and I just wanted to know if it had happened to anyone else here. My iPhone was fully charged (charged all night long on my Macbook) and I disconnected it to make a call. After I hung up, I put the phone on the couch while I went to...
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    Reality Check...

    Maybe the iPhone in the commercial is running on Wi-Fi. I don't remember if the 3G or Wi-Fi icon is on the upper left hand corner in the commercial.
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    push email from Gmail?

    My question is, Do you have the mail client open when you receive your email or is the phone just sitting there on the home page when you get the notification?
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    Keypad bogs down?

    Yeah, but no, lol. I've tried making it a period and it lags. However, if I use another letter, like a, s, v, etc, then it doesn't. I have no clue why, but my phone likes to lag behind the period. Trust me, I'd though of using the period before so I wouldn't have to go back and change the...
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    Keypad bogs down?

    It's the opposite for me. It never happens in Safari but happens quite frequently in SMS and email. This is how I solved it: Ok, so it's more of a work-around than a solution. Maybe it just works with my phone, but I suggest you guys give it a try. Whenever my phone's KB lags, I type a...
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    Original iPhone with iPhone 3G?

    Do some speed tests and let us know what it reports. Go to and post what speed you get. I have 3G with 3 bars right now and I'm getting 428.2 kbps. When I turn 3G off, I have 5 bars of Edge and I'm getting 62.8 kbps.
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    Early termination fees are illegal

    I also disagree with this ruling, but not because of the reasons you point out. It was shown in court that the company does not use the ETF to subsidize the cost of the phones they sell. Their mistake was to call it that, as opposed to a "legal fee" whereby they won't take your ass to court to...
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    Comcast email settings that work for me.

    That's exactly how mine is set up and I've never had a problem with it. BTW, how did you get full bars on 3G? Bastard! LOL
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    screen shot (sorry for repost)

    If you hold the home button and the power button at the same time, it takes a screenshot.
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    Anyone else's new 3G cracking?

    My Macbook cracked in a corner and I took it back to Apple and they replaced it without asking how it happened. Their customer service is great, IMHO. As for iPhones cracking, the white will always show a crack before the black phones do. So, those of us with black phones, we might not see...
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    Looking for the slimmest hard case available

    Ok, ordered the Contour Flick from JR on Amazon ($25 shipped). We'll see what I think of it.