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    iPhone Class Action Suit

    Not even reading all this, but since he's supporting iPhonism nobody argues with him "going off topic". Later.
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    iPhone Class Action Suit

    So if I conform to your particular views then all the iPhone zea lots won't web bash me? Excuse me for having an opinion.
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    iPhone Class Action Suit

    Thanks Tony First off everyone should calm down. It's just a phone/ipod/web browser. Once we all get over the infatuation with this little device we can start thinking objectively. Sure Apple is a businesss, they are in it to make money. They provide a great service, and a quality product...
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    Windows or Mac? Recent Convert? Share!

    Wish I could... This iPhone is very impressive! I can say I drool as I pass by the Apple store in the mall. However impressive the toys are, I have two little boys requiring an endless supply of plastic guns/swords etc.. So, until they grow up my 6 year old 2nd hardrive so far Dell Inspirion...
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    iPhone in Japan

    Asia I should have played safe and said Asia. The same holds true with most of the automobile market Koreans are putting some greatthings out there! My bias comes from living in Japan for 6 years, where the attitude is patriotic towards craftsmenship in Japanese products. How long have...
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    iPhone in Japan

    About Japan You all may have seen some of the cell phones made in Japan. They are at the forefront of cellular technology. It's interesting that all their cell phone's operate off of 3g but they can watch tv/movies on their cell phones(which are just as slim and stylish as the iPhone). Not...
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    Describe your iPhone in one word.

    Steve Jobs says... iDol A graven image or representation of anything that is revered, or believed to convey spiritual power.
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    First thing you did with your iPhone?

    I just got mine yesterday, been reading this forum for about 2 weeks now and haven't' seen this topic come up. So I apologize if it's already been discussed but I'd like to share what I did with mine. 1.) I picked it up on my doorstep at lunch where the fed-ex guy so carefuly hide my box...