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    iPhone X Everyone happy?

    Absolutely loving FaceID. Works like a charm, is quick, and has been very well integrated into a few apps already. I like not having to unlock with a touch in 1$Password now.
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    Apple Watch Series 3

    I ordered wifi+LTE SS Black. I will NEVER use it for calls. But I live by my calendar and it needs to be up to date at all times. The LTE will allow me to leave the iPhone X in the car or wherever and still be current.
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    I can't get out of iOS 11. HELP!

    Beta 2 way way better. Beta 1 was slower than frozen molasses in Saskatoon. And buggy.....
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    Dark sky

    Love Carrot and its 'Snarky" AI....
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Models?

    Sure. Makes sense. But if Apple sells them at the same price, why would I not buy the ultimate (Verizon configuration) and then take it to the carrier of my choosing?
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Models?

    So why on earth would Apple not just sell the one that works w/ all carriers? Or am I just being stupid and asking a silly question......
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    iPhone 7 iphone 7 belkin glass issue

    I guess you could just call the Apple Store and find out. If someone there says yes, make sure to record their name (just in case)....On the other hand, I've installed the Zagg protectors on more than a dozen iPhones. It's pretty easy and the Belkin Glass for Watch had a sweet fixture to ensure...
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    MacBook Pro MBP Won't connect to wifi

    Glad it worked out....
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    MacBook Pro MBP Won't connect to wifi

    Have you tried deleting that Network from within Network Preferences and then reconnecting with the proper credentials?
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    Apple Watch Battery Life

    I would think so. When you first got it, did you choose the option to download all companion watch apps for apps on your iPhone? Since then have you adjusted/removed some of those and or tweaked notifications? My initial setup took every app. I don't know if this impacted battery life or not...
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    Apple Watch Battery Life

    No changes. I am usually at ~75% end of day and down to about ~35% after two days if I decide to skip the night charge to monitor my sleep. My daily usage is checking time (20x), appointments/fantastical2 (10x), weather/carrot (5x), actions/Omnifocus (5x), responding to messages (10x)...
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    iPhone 7 Iphone linked to girlfriends icloud

    Continuing on the slightly OT path: There are five of us on Family Sharing. We can access any content purchased by any of us on the plan. When you select 'Purchased' in Updates, you see 'My Purchases' along with those of the rest of your family under their own headings, e.g., Wife, Son1, Son2, etc.
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    Screen protectors

    I tried the Zagg on my wife's. Was not impressed. Installation was 'eyeball', I don't believe it was glass by the way it lay down. Got the one from Belkin. Has a wonderful fixture for installation, came on clean, no bubbles, glass....impressed enough I got one for myself though I was initially...
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    Bulkier Case with More Protection, or Slimmer Case with Less Protection?

    I have almost as many iPhone cases as I do camera bags....but now I've decided to go with only a Zagg on the front and a skin the back.....I have dropped my phone(s) twice in last 8 years or so....time to play the odds. :)
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    iPhone 7 Foxconn studying possibility of manufacturing iPhones in the USA

    It certainly could happen. I've been in the operations/manufacturing space for over 25 years...and have taken products both to and from China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, France, and the US.