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    Dashboard widgets on iPhone

    Perhaps, but nothing surprising - it is the Apple way: safety, simplicity, etc. They care about it because it reflects on the brand and its reputation. Obviously I'm hoping Apple will take the route above, but you might have to wait for the ZunePhone to download viruses. :wink:
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    The answer to the glowing battery

    Woot - wifey and I both have 5x. we both got ours on iDay+1 in MA. :laugh2:
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    Solitaire game? haven't tried it, but - there you go!
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    Dashboard widgets on iPhone

    So assuming that for some reason Apple just can't get widgets originally made for OS X to work on the iPhone (I don't know why they can't, but let's assume it for now), then I'd like to see them release a dev tool to convert OS X widgets into iphone-friendly widgets. That way the devs can port...
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    Weigh in on web apps

    Right now they run over the web, through the Safari browser on your iPhone.
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    Weigh in on web apps

    I definitely hear you on this. I think the biggest problem is the combination of EDGE and web apps. Almost everything takes a while to load, which is really no better than having a slow-ass processor. If they had just fixed one of those problems (EDGE with native apps or web apps with 3G)...
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    Any weather radar in motion?

    Those are the only two so far. I'm assuming you've read this...?
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    JIVETALK for the iPhone better than other web AIMS/YIMS/MIMS

    I imagine you're not alone, which is why it's hard to believe that ATT will let Apple put iChat on the iPhone for free - the unlimited SMS messaging extra has got to be a huuuuge cash cow for them. Everybody has or is going to sign up for the extra $20 a month...unless iChat comes out. As for...
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    Sound on handset went dead

    Has anyone else had this problem? All day my phone was working fine and then on the way home while listening to some tunes I noticed that I couldn't pause via the button on my headphones cord. No problem, I thought, I'll see what's up when I get home. Then I get to the grocery store, unplug...
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    Has anyone else tried this in Gmail

    This is huge. Mazel tov! :laugh2:
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    Will the iPhone become more business friendly

    Jeff, Have you tried the iPhoneMiles web app for recording your mileage?
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    Anybody selling their Blackberry after buying the iPhone?

    wow you sold your 7290? who bought it, some giant-thumbed monster person? :tounge: i have one for work. they consider it a communication device. i consider it a shield/sled/blunt-force object. still, i'll always have a place in my heart for my trusty 7290.
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    Will it Blend - iPhone

    Wow...that almost made me cry. Somewhere Steve Jobs is planning an assassination...:wink:
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    Digg iPhone beta!

    Very Nice Find! :laugh2:
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    BB Curve - arguably more practical/functional than the iPhone, but dammit, just not as pretty. ;)