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    Black Friday, Free Applications

    hmms i think i purchased every single one :)
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    1PC - 2 Apple Products - iPhone + Nano = How to sync both?

    Hey, As per title, i've got 2 Apple devices. iPhone 3g and a new nano for my mum. I'm using 1 pc and iTunes. Is there anyway to create like 2 users in iTunes? So i have 2 different library and don't have to copy my iTunes music files and paste somewhere after and put in another...
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    Spinning Wheel By 3G symbol

    Yeah, the loading symbol, a spinning symbol effect. Its normal. Some apps, you will see it used elsewhere (other than the top next to your 3G symbol/receiption symbol) to show its loading.
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    Need Help - Headphone Connector

    the point of contact will be too small imo. It wont be a large enough surface to pull it out, if the tip is actually stuck in there and wont fall out with shaking.
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    iTunes won't copy the Hold Em app?

    its a big file 100mbish. Still shouldn't take too long.
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    if i use categories can i get around only 9 pages of apps?

    Or doingit yourself. Games with games. Util with utils
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    Extra Colour on Usage bar for Apps - Its green :)

    Finally testing out the iPhones usage with half used lol.
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    Extra Colour on Usage bar for Apps - Its green :)

    Btw, its good now, its accurate. 500mb green bar :O lol. Big ass apps.
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    Text messaging?

    hate it now. "New Text Message'... no sh!t. Def prefer what was available before. "Name" Text Message That was perfect IMO.
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    Is anyone have an iPhone app spending addiction?

    mostly free ones. Crash, Texas, Monkey, Spore - all sorta free in a way... vouchers :)
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    Spore Origins in App Store now.

    Its not that amazing really. Sometimes its a bit difficult with the movement. I'm stuck on level 29. Do i push the other fish things into the BIG giant ugly thing so it eats them or something :S
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    Spore Origins in App Store now.

    sure doesn't. Thats what we've heard. Future Spore releases will most likely be another part Spore - (not origin) whatever the next step of evolution is.... and will cost another $12.99 i think.
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    if i use categories can i get around only 9 pages of apps?

    only 9 pages for me :S and i use 3, why can't it be endless?
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    Extra Colour on Usage bar for Apps - Its green :)

    Anyone notice this? Anyways, i don't think its very accurate. according to my mobile application folder there is about 500+mb of apps in there.. The used usage on the device says 17MB :S
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    Best video converter for the iPhone?

    Also, is the reso 320 x 480 (my wall paper size)? Or what size should i do? Any program that you can choose custom resos, so i can do a 320 x 480 and also crop the actual pic :)