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    iPhone 6 - What would you like to see

    I'd like to see: No cosmetic damage out of the box. :)
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    Who wants to quit Apple?

    I like the Apple ecosystem and am still enjoying their products -- everyone has a choice and its good that there are other options. Good luck with your decision.
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    Weird lines on keyboard at times?

    I'm getting this, also (intermittently when entering Password on the App Store). There are a few threads on the Apple Support Forums with a LOT of people saying they have this issue -- hopefully it can be fixed via a software update.
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    I want Google Maps back!

    Try 'Waze'. I prefer it over old Google Maps or new Apple Maps...
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    Black 64GB iPhone 5 & clear case.
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    Scratched out of the box?

    I tend to consider them all 'cosmetic defects' - most likely flaws in quality control during manufacturing. To your point about scratches though that is worrisome going foreword for people who care about such things. If Apple somehow modifies the IP5 to become less scratch resistant yet all of...
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    Scratched out of the box?

    Bennyboy - people that pre-ordered have experienced the cosmetic issues: Just saying
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    Scratched out of the box?

    As I mentioned in another thread it took 4 box openings to find a black 64GB without any cosmetic defects. Stand your ground until you are happy.
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    2 days with iPhone 5 anyone else got concerns..

    You're probably right. Will be interesting to see if Apple responds to any of the criticism at all...
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    2 days with iPhone 5 anyone else got concerns..

    At the Apple Store we opened 4 consecutive black 64GB models before I found one without scratches on the back or bevel nicks. I have the phone in a case now - would like to bareback but this thing would get torn up. I have seen white IP5's with bevel nicks also but the backplate seems less...
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    Photos look SO BEAUTIFUL on this screen.

    Great pics!