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    Outlook sync problem

    If you are right here, I will friggin kiss you!
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    Changing message, email tones

    OMG why do you have to use megaupload, it's the worst upload site ever...does anyone have this on other rapidshare..?
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    Unlock your iPhone with TurboSIM

    I guess the chinese don't know how to use turbosim themselves ;) I'll make sure to laugh at these people the moment Apple comes up with a fix to patch up this hole, and they find themselves stuck with a 1.7k phone that can't update! :D
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    Unlock your iPhone with TurboSIM

    It's actually pretty user-friendly. I wrote it with newbies in mind :wink: Just follow the steps and you'll get it (provided you have a turbosim. They're all sold out now:frown:)
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    Unlock your iPhone with TurboSIM

    I realized no one posted anything regarding turboSIM here, so I post this in case some people didn't know about it yet :)
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    Thanks for the answer! I'm curious, then, what happens to users in the US who wants to get the iPhone without using AT&T? Can they buy the phone through AT&T, then pay the termination fee, then have it work on their own service provider?
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    Wow this is very very exciting news for me, because even though I've been watching the iPhone closely, i'm in Singapore which unfortunately wouldn't be seeing one until 2008. Does this mean that the iPhone will not be locked to AT&T/Cingular, because I was always under the impression that it will...
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    Hi ATTingular I'm sure you have been asked this before, but i can't find it, so hopefully as someone who's closest to an expert here :tounge: you can answer my following question. You mentioned almost everyone can use it, even non-cingular customers. I am not living in the US, but does that...
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    Recent article on Apple's website about iPhone...

    "Its competitors had better hope the iPhone can’t get a dial tone – because if it does, the rest of the industry’s in for a big shakeup." LOL!
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    iPhone camera interface

    Thanks! That's not bad. I wonder what sizes are available for the camera.
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    When in Turkey

    Actually, it'll be in Canada by September, and Europe shortly after. 2008 is for Asia and Australia. And nobody knows for sure how long is the multi year exclusive deal with Cingular in the US. Could be more than 2 years.
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    New iPhone Applications in the works

    A financial and accounts planner like MS Money. PDF, Word processor and spreadsheet. Photo editor. Internet sharing. Application scheduler. and MSN Messenger :P
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    iPhone camera interface

    Unfortunately it doesn't show the enlarged version of the photos. It's hard to determine the quality at this size. My atom life takes better photos at this size.
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    iPhone camera interface

    I believe the interface for zooming will be similar to the interface for unlocking the phone - a slide to left or right.
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    do i have to wait?

    I am from Singapore and i've done some "homework" on this issue :tounge: iPhone 8GB - $600 Cingular termination fees - $175 Shipping + insurance - $150 (approx.) Unlock fees - $50 (approx.) So, if you can't wait till next year like me, you may consider waiting till someone smart in the US...