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    How Thin Could the iPhone 6 Be?

    I'm sure Apple has always wanted to use a super-thin design like the iPod touch and perhaps going big gave them the chance. Bigger frame allows for spreading out of components -- and most importantly, the battery. That makes sense to me. I've switched away from the iPhone and don't see myself...
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    Intent to switch to Android

    That's cool. I'm finding a couple of Android devices a pure pleasure to use, and Malwarebytes takes 1 minute to install and has other useful features apart from malware defense into the bargain. This is my 4th Android phone in a row and so far I've had zero issues with malware of any kind.
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    Intent to switch to Android

    Well, it's a shame you need it on Windows PCs too, but that's how it is. I see updates more like daily and sometime more than one per day. I haven't seen them specifically mention anything about Bitcoin mining.
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    Intent to switch to Android

    There are some very good anti-malware apps for Android. Malwarebytes in particular is excellent, and has literally zero impact on performance or battery life.
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    Intent to switch to Android

    My last 4 phones have all been Android, including an LG G2 I just switched to last weekend. I still use a Mac and and iPad, though I'm also using a Nexus 7. I haven't been visiting here anywhere near as often as I used to, but I still love this place - no matter what devices I'm using. Oh, and...
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    Tim Cook Does Not Suffer Fools

    Loved reading about that. Also loved that the word he used when he got closest to swearing was 'bloody'.
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    Is There a Good Swipe Typing Tweak / App?

    Is there a good swipe typing tweak / app for the latest jailbreak? If so, does it work on iPad and iPhone? Using Android devices has lead me to fall in love with swipe typing and I really miss it big-time when I switch over to my iPad mini.
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    iPad Insight's Best iPad Apps of 2013

    Very glad to hear that. And yeah, that's a superb app about a great city.
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    iPad Insight's Best iPad Apps of 2013

    My 4th annual selection of the best apps for the iPad - 5,000+ words and a pretty broad range of categories. Let mw know what you agree with, what I got wrong / missed, and all that jazz.
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    Merry Christmas

    Same to you John, Chris, SnowTrooper and Tiberius and family, and all of y'all. :)
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    Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5s

    I switched away from iPhone several months back - first to a Galaxy Note 2 and then to an HTC One Google Play Edition. A few weeks back I got the Nexus 5. I'm very happy with it. I've also been using a (2013) Nexus 7 for months now and have come to enjoy the 'pure Android' experience a lot. I...
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    The 5th of November!

    Oh wow, did not recall that. That's great. My dad was born there - down in Bournemouth. Lewes is near Brighton and I went to uni near there for a bit - so it was an easy trip for us back in the day.
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    The 5th of November!

    Hey Napoleon. I think I recall you spent quite a bit of time in the UK. Did you ever make it to Lewes or any of the towns that are famous for their Guy Fawkes Night celebrations?
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    Which iPad Air Did You Buy?

    I got the 32GB space gray. Reasons exactly the same as yours. Have a feeling the Retina iPad mini will be the keeper for me.
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    So, iPad Air, or iPad Mini 2?

    Both, if I can work it out money-wise. I've just sold my iPad 3, and will sell my iPad mini once I buy the Air on launch day. I'll see how much I like / love the Air over a few weeks before the Retina mini launch and also see if money works out to get both. If it doesn't I'll sell the Air and...