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    WiFi not working, "genius" says water damage

    Same thing happened to me, except I KNOW my ohone came in contact with water. It fell into a sink filled with water and fizzled out a week after I got it. The phhone came back overnight and had no problems for over 6 months until the wifi died out on me. I ended up keeping it for the next...
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    iTunes card/App card

    Can a regular iTunes card be used to puchase apps on iTunes? I know I have seen app cards but I want to make sure there is no difference before I purchase one. TIA Patti
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    Macobserver: MMS Coming on Sept 25 AT&T promised iPhone users they'd get MMS support by the end of the summer, and it looks like the company finally plans to deliver on September 25. Apple said that MMS, or multimedia messaging, would be supported in iPhone...
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    Stuck on Logo..Can not power down or reboot

    What about waiting for the battery to run out, then sync
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    Do I have to jailbreak to use themes?

    Do you mean your home page or change the backround behind the aps? To change the home page settings>wallpaper>pick wallpaper or your own photo There is also a backrounds app
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    What is icon?

    No I am not... Europa got it, thank you. Kind of like the "easter Basket" Seasonal icons would be cute!
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    What is icon?

    Anyone know what this new icon on my phone is? It's in the upper right next to the blue tooth icon. It's blue and I think supposed to represent a phone, but to me looks like an easter basket! Just appeared today...everything is working as usual! Patti
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    BEST screen protector

    I found the best screen protector I have it on for a few weeks and no scratches or glare. I just boughtit for the front and use a separate case around it. Adds no bulk!
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    Is there a way to hide the name on the SMS preview?

    settings>messages>show preview>off The name of the person texting will still come up, but then it will say Text Message. I don't know how to get rid of the name.
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    MMS will be available Friday June 19th

    Ohhhhh, i hope so! I so miss texting pics!
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    No WiFi

    Thanks, I have re-booted a number of times and it doesn't come back. I will eventually visit the Apple store with this problem, but it's not imprtant enough for me to run now.
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    Syncing Notes

    On the Apple website says you can synch notes from the iPhone to your mac with the update today. I do not know where notes are on the mac....anyone?
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    No WiFi

    I am not able to turn my wifi on my 3G. It's not that there is no wifi network, the wifi optioni n my settings is not turning on at all. It just says off and is faded gray. Will not let me do anything. Any suggestions? TIA Patti
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    No MMS

    It's AT&T, not Apple.
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    activation server temporarily unavailable?

    Took me a few tries, but I got it. Thought I lost my whole phone!