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    Copy and Paste app would sell like crazy

    I don't think its possible with the current SDK. Also:
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    Make Your Edge Connection 5x Faster!

    If you want to use my bookmarklet from above, I'd recommend bookmarking it on the PC then syncing. It is much easier than typing it in.
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    Great Mod Tutorials

    This forum's sticky post :smile:
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    Make Your Edge Connection 5x Faster!

    Heres what I do: I've bookmarked this bookmarklet: Mobile Version Now just go to any normal page, then open your bookmarks and click 'Mobile Version.' The site will change to the Google mobile version, then just bookmark that new site to always get to it. Here's the javascript for those...
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    Multiple E-mail Account Question

    .Mac is not needed in any way to use an iPhone. The only use for it on the iPhone is if you already use a .mac email address
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    Multiple E-mail Account Question

    The iPhone sends mail just like any other client. If you receive an email on your work account and you reply it will come from that work account (assuming everything is set up correctly). It works the same on Wifi or EDGE. Hope this helps, if not let me know.
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    How to make Custom Icon sets

    Carrier logo is different, the size and tutorial is in my modding info thread (see my sig or the sticky thread) 64x64, png, transparent background, /Applications/*.app/icon.png, more info in my modding info thread (see my sig or the sticky thread)
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    Only 1 email stuck in my iPhone (1 unsent email)

    I would guess that just deleting the mail account and readding it would also fix this issue.
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    Fantastic shot found on Flickr

    Here's a nice tutorial on how to do it for laptops, I'd guess it's a similar process but with a phone
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    iPhone Sync changing times on calendar?

    Only thing I can think of would be to make sure both devices are setup for the same timezones
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    This place needs some serious Modding.

    I think some forum restructuring could help. Some of my thoughts: The main iPhone forum says its about hardware in the description but the title makes it seem more like a general forum. General Discussion seems very similar to iPhone and is too far down on the list. iPhone Software should be...
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    Email Setup?

    It's an omission. Only choice is to start a new email or manually delete the reply (if you hold in backspace it will start deleting word by word)
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    Moving Icons Around?

    Wordpad is easiet
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    Moving Icons Around?

    Look here from the modding info thread
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    Sound editing software

    You can also do this in iTunes (its fairly rough though). Right click a file -> Properties -> Options -> Set start/stop time to the section you want -> Right click and convert to AAC. You then have your ringtone. Be sure you unset the start/stop time on the original file.