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    iOS 8.3 Released, Full Changelog

    I just updated and since the phone rebooted, it wants my passcode to unlock (touch ID will not work after a reboot). I know my passcode, yet the phone keeps telling me it is incorrect. Anyone else experience this?

    iPhone 6 Plus Case - Lifeproof nüüd

    mbairguy - how is your Lifeproof working out? I have had them for my 4's and 5's and they always held up well, but I had them with the integrated plastic screen cover. I only put it on my phone when on the boat so it is more for minimal use while on the water and maximum water protection and I...

    Bluetooth in car

    Works in my 2014 BMW 435

    Reachability: Do you use it?

    Been using it a bit now and it works great. What I really need is a reachability to move the right side of the screen closer to the left. Then one handed use is possible. I have to stretch to reach the letter "p" or the "send" on text messages.

    Reachability: Do you use it?

    @MoneyMaker79 THANKS! I was pressing it down! Works perfect.

    iMessage to send as text will not revert to iMessage

    We were all on iPhones (6+ and one 5). Not sure of the OS on the 5.

    Reachability: Do you use it?

    Every time I try to use it, it shows the mini screens of all my apps that are running. I can never get it to work and I have it turned on.

    iMessage to send as text will not revert to iMessage

    I received a text message. Went to reply and I had the blue bubble and the red exclamation saying it was not sent. So I try again and it will not send (actually created a duplicate message). So I hit it again and select send as text message (green) and it sent. Now every message in that group...

    iPhone 6 silicone case availabilty

    My wife has the Apple Leather case. Are there any other options? Any pics? Hate to go "naked" for too long, but $49 for the case is pretty high if I do not like it.
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    Ordered through AT&T still no phone?

    Ordered through AT&T on prelaunch morning 3am. Received tracking over the weekend and it arrived yesterday. Original ship date on order was Oct 13-22.
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    Ordered through AT&T still no phone?

    @Keukawater thanks for the update. So it sounds like Apple is the only way to pre-order. I always order through Apple, but the upgrade was not recognized. So basically AT&T issue. There is no point to pre-order through anyone but Apple.
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    Ordered through AT&T still no phone?

    I am on the frustrated band wagon as well. I ordered my iPhone 6 plus on pre order morning (3:00am 9/12) via AT&T. Apple would not recognize my upgrade eligibility (but Apple did recognize my wife's and she received her 6 plus on 9/19). Yet I am still sitting with a "preparing to ship" status...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    UPS delivered at about 9:30am in Tampa FL.
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    First iPhone 6 sold dropped

    6 Plus is big. Going to take some getting used to.
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    Camera Roll and Photo Stream gone

    @IphoneTony when you are restoring from an icloud backup it can take a day or more if you have tons of photos to restore. It stops or slows down depending on what you are doing on the phone.