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    Shouldn't AT&T exchange for this?

    Just got home from the Apple store with a brand new phone. See how easy that would have been AT&T :) Gotta love the service that Apple provides. AT&T, not so much :)
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    Shouldn't AT&T exchange for this?

    I'm done dealing with AT&T. If she had LIED and said that she wanted to exchange the white for a black they would have done it. But since she was HONEST and said that there was something wrong with it they considered it warranty and pushed it back to Apple. In a way I see their point but...
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    Shouldn't AT&T exchange for this?

    AT&T absolutely REFUSED to exchange it for her. The closest Apple store is 2 hours away but I guess that's our only option. This is my 5th iPhone purchase and the first time we ever got a bad one. I understand it happens, my issue is that AT&T would not replace it even within the first 24...
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    Shouldn't AT&T exchange for this?

    I purchased for my daughter a new 16G 3GS at 8:00 PM last night at our local AT&T store. She did not attempt to make a call on it until this morning. There is a TERRIBLE scratching noise. She went back to the same AT&T store and they are telling her that she has to send it to Apple? This...
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    Voice Memo via MMS

    Everybody may already be aware of this but I just stumbled upon the feature this morning. Pretty neat! I may actually use MMS now :)
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    Sending Photos to another Phone?

    AT&T will enable MMS later this summer. For now use e-mail.
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    Screen sometimes does not light up.

    Both of ours do this from time to time as well. I'm just happy that most of you think it's software related. I was fearing a hardware problem.
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    V1 Dock for 3GS?

    Actually I took a dremel tool to my v1 dock and got my 3GS to fit perfectly. Works like a charm :)
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    Craigslist scam

    Ahhh, I see, duhhh. I never thought about that, thanks :)
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    Craigslist scam

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic but since you folks are talking about selling your old phones... I replaced 2 original version 8g phones with two 3GS (love it by the way!). I threw the old ones in a drawer thinking that they now had little value. Is that not true? Would somebody actually pay...
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    Exchange Problems

    Mine went down last night but it turned out to be an issue with our company's exchange server. They finally fixed it late this morning. Resetting the phone did not help :)
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    Mic button on headphones not working

    This has happened to me from time to time. Plugging and unplugging the headset a couple of times generally clears the problem.
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    Why does music play through speaker with mute switch on?

    I feel your pain it happened to me in church (another thread about that!) Next time turn the volume all the way down too :)
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    What's up with this AT&T?

    We have more roll over minutes than our family of 4 will EVER use. I would not be interested in this plan.
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    Icon swap?

    I would probably have to take that bet :) I'm familiar with the process for moving icons and I'm certain I did not move them. Besides, that does not explain why a reset put them back. It's not a big deal but I thought it was interesting.