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    Current iPhone owners?

    I haven't investigated TOO much other than knowing that some are eligible for an upgrade? and if you are eligible you pay 200? I thought the cost of the phone was 200 anyways? and how do I find out if I am eligible? Also what are some of the differences between the phones, the new one looks...
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    Still on 1.0.2, want to upgrade, help!

    thank you, where can I get this ziPhone, is it a computer application that works just like the old one?
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    Still on 1.0.2, want to upgrade, help!

    I want to put my iPhone back to factory settings, then upgrade to latest firmware, im afraid I wont be able to unlock it again, what is the simplest way to unlock with the newest firmware, and does it all work the same, just gives you that installer icon and everything easy from there?
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    Can't hide icons

    im still running 1.0.2. customize no longer has rsbt, "icon display order" doesn't allow me to hide icons
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    The Song Game

    Eulogy - Tool
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    what about a 'favorites' feature, where you can store your favorite stations at the front page
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    iPhone Volume Booster?

    what is the app called on modmyifone i cant find it, they have so many aps (they are all web based right?)
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    GBA Emulator

    i do not have a mac
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    GBA Emulator

    i just tried it with ibrickr, browsed applications, a bunch of applications were on there (most I don't even have) but no gpsphone ap.
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    GBA Emulator

    so how do i do it then? like i said that FUGU is a mac only ap isn't it? if it isn't, then I don't have a software to run it, its an unrecognized file type
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    Member Mugs! Post your pic!

    uhm, was my post deleted? LOL
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    GBA emulator

    yeah i have the black screen of death, i want to play! ps. how many roms can you guys fit in there before it starts saying theres problems with space? and if you guys can fit quite a bit, how do I clear up space, I only have like 10 pictures, about 25 nes roms (very small files) and quite a...
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    GBA Emulator

    edit: and everytime I tried after, anyone else used this software successfuly?
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    GBA Emulator

    ok gba emulator just updated, I downlaoded new version, you no longer need to do that step with the gba_bios.bin Although it froze my iPhone my first time loading a game..
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    GBA Emulator

    fugu seems to be a mac only program i use pc any help with pc? i really wanna get this to work, thanks