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    For those who swapped their iPhone because it was warm/HOT...

    Hot phone All I do is tunrn the phone off and turn it back on when I notice it hot. Seems to take care of the problem. Noticed last week on the golf course. It was real hot..thought it might be the heat of the day (Texas),,then I noticed tha battery was drained too. First time that ever...
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    POLL: Would you have waited if you knew the price would drop $200

    Price WILL drop again For all you cry babies..never buy another electronic device again..because the price will always drop to the point of selling call plans...Yes...the iPhone is NOT finished falling in hold off a few years and get one for $49 with 2 years contract.....anyone...
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Do you own a public pool? That is definitely public pool. The water depth markings give it away....
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    weirdest iPhone bug, random text all the way down my locked screen (i took pictures)

    that happened to me on day two (June 30)...hasn't happened telling what the F it was...
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    should i buy an iPhone for my dog?

    Why buy an iPhone for your dog when you can get some tail for free....
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    Anyone really rich own an iPhone and willing to reveal themselves?

    I' extremely rich....I have 11 iPhones....Not only are they great devices...they make nice paperweights... My butler was handling one and got fingerprints on I fired him....
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    Yeah...I am beginning to hate mine...I think I'll go throw it in the pool...
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    Great screen cleaner

    I shower with mine...cleans the screen and case too...
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    No sell to Tax ID customers?

    Ward...I'm worried abouth the Beaver......a tax I.D. is the same as a SSN..(Social Security Number)
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    iPhone a Trojan Horse for the Goverment Surveillance?

    Verizon has thousands of people that follow everyone that uses their network. I saw it on T.V.
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    Anyone else see how pointless "Slide to Unlock" is?

    I see what you are saying...but what if someone keeps sticking their fingers in your pocket and hitting a button...
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    New All Black iPhone - Vote Silver or Black

    If you blacken the screen you will eliminate the fingerprint worked on mine....
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    $650.00 In Usage Charges

    Read the small print....Unlimited only applies during normal working hours....
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    Headphone Jack Adapter?

    headphone adapter Griffin Technology has them on their website. They will be available soon. they look nicer than most I have seen. I'll hold out and get one. Griffin is known to make a good product.
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    iPhone finally works

    You don't have to put up with all that firewall and virus protector crap with a Mac You don't have to put up with all that firewall and virus protector crap with a Mac