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    If Apple made iPads in the US....

    And I thought the actual prices were steep.
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    Jailbroken but need to send back to Apple for Dead Battery

    It's Apple, they'll notice lol.
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    The jailbreak apps were only blinking after a restart? Are you sure you aren't on a tethered jailbreak? That sounds like what you're describing.
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    Snowtrooper scored a iPad 2

    Wow, you can't beat free, congrats! Do you like the Defender on it? I've been on the fence about getting one.
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    Buying my first iPhone, need help

    2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes, as long as you save your SHSH blobs before upgrading. Guides on that can be found on this site and around the web. Someone else will have to help you with the rest.
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    Can we please stop calling the 6th gen iPhone the iPhone 5? It should be called iPhone 6 or 4G.

    Oh absolutely. And then you'll also have those that still insist their 4/4S has had LTE since the beginning.
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    Can we please stop calling the 6th gen iPhone the iPhone 5? It should be called iPhone 6 or 4G.

    If the iPad is any indication, they won't even use "LTE", it will simply be the new iPhone.
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    What do you want to see in iOS 6?

    A more robust notification center, something in the vein of IntelliscreenX.
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    iPad 3 Jailbroken, No ETA On Public Release

    Hopefully this means we'll see the untethered 5.1 jailbreak for iPhone soon then, I shouldn't have updated without it.
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    Has anyone done Sara?

    yes, I tried programming my name in to it as well. The closest I ever got was "My name is Philip" and it came back "Your name is Filip?". The other tries didn't come out so well.
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    Has anyone done Sara?

    Half the time it didn't even understand what I was saying. I was out when it actually finished a sentence with "lol".
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    Has anyone done Sara?

    I downloaded it earlier, it's pretty terrible. I realize it's not going to be as great as Siri, but it doesn't even compare.
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    Do you guys use a case?

    I hear you there, I much prefer the way it feels in the Defender. I guess my hands are on the larger size as well because when I hold the phone without a case it feels like it's going to slip right through my fingers.
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    I uninstalled every downloaded package and springboard is still crashing...

    I stand corrected, not really sure what I was thinking haha.
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    iPhone in FAll 2012 (Rumor)

    My wallet thanks Apple for waiting till October.