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    Password Keeper type app?

    I am thinking about using Glide. i can do a document on the Mac and sync it to my Glide account. then i can access it through Safari on the phone. Security isn't great but at least it is password protected.
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    When will we get a To Do widget?

    My understanding is that the tasks from iCal are synced with the they must be on the iPhone somewhere. If you use iCal or entourage for tasks then you don't necessarily want a non-linked task list on the iPhone in Notes. I can hardly manage one task list, much less two separate task...
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    When will we get a To Do widget?

    I spoke to an Apple service person and complained about the lack of a task list. He checked with someone (supervisor) and tried to assure me that a task list was near the top of Apple's task list. ETA? No idea.