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    iPhones: Contests anyone?

    Thanks! That Is Great
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    iPhones: Contests anyone?

    Yah, I have to post 15 posts before June, right? If that is the contest I have posted above 15 already, I made sure of it. I should of asked if there were any additional contests, promotions, etc.:laugh2: Thank you :wink:
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    iPhones: Contests anyone?

    Has anyone seen/heard about any future contests, giveaways, promotions, rebates, etc. about the iPhone at any particluar place? I was wondering, since the release date is approaching, will Apple do any sort of contest, or somehow through third party companies, do some sort of sweepstakes.:2cool:
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    Display in Apple Stores?

    I haven't seen any yet, but you can definitely say I am anxious to see one. I thought they would be promoting like crazy by now. It is only two short months away! People need to be enticed!:wink:
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    They Shoulda Called It A PocketMac! Grrrr!

    iPhone making the 500$ worth it.. For right now, I believe many think that it is just a phone with i tunes. But eventually, as mentioned here in these posts, it will build up its capabilities. I believe Apple will promote the specifics way closer to the release date. People tend to have short...
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    Aesthetic question...

    :2cool: yes yes! haha
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    Screen scratches

    I fully agree! I have the video iPod, and I use a clear cover which works great, and Ive had the iPod since December, and there is not one scratch on it because of the clear cover. It is designed so well, you can't even notice that a cover is on it, so the iPod does not become bulky by no means...
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    Will the iPhone work with Microsoft?

    FAST REPLIES! THATS WHAT I LIKE:laugh2: Ya, you are right, and the thought has crossed my mind. But I received the iPod as a gift , and by following the eBay road, I would face a little guilt ;/ but anyways, thanks again on the advice!
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    Is June 11th release date for AT&T (Cingular) only or for Apple stores as well?

    wow. okay thanks.. I just thought that they wouldwant to try and hold as many people in for the long hall with a rebate lol but I guess they already have a long run agenda with the set price! okay , I appreciate the reply , Thank You
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    Will the iPhone come down in price?

    I think that it would be sensible to offer a lower price, around Sept. Oct. 07' (only a few months after the June release), mainly because there are a huge market of people who are interested in the iPHONE, and won't be able to purchase it because they are already in contract with some other...
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    Aesthetic question...

    Different skins? How many colors will they offer? If I but the black one first, and then they wind up offering other colors? could I trade it for another? anyone know?
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    Will the iPhone work with Microsoft?

    Will the iPhone be sold with the attachment to upload songs to the iPhone? Because I have an iPod now, and obviously, it was sold with the wire that uploads the songs for iTunes to the iPod, but will they give us a new one? If not can we use the old one? Speaking of iPods, will they offer some...
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    Is June 11th release date for AT&T (Cingular) only or for Apple stores as well?

    Release Date, Rebates w/ New Contracts? Does anyone have an idea whether or not Cingular will offer a rebate to those signing up with a 2-yr contract? Or if they are, around how much?:smile: Thank you.
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    I already have an iPod, should I get an iPhone?

    Expectations of the iPHONE yeah me too.. i don't think that it will live up to its expectations.. so then i think why shhould i get it.. well lets see what kind of a paycheck im getting by then lol .. thats for the advice!
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    iPhone Cases

    iPHONE cases? I hope so. I have the video iPOD now, but I need to have a case for my iPHONE. I have the clear case, and it works great because my iPOD is scratch free (I'm a bit clumsy as you can tell for my entusiasm for a cell phone case!) Well, I hope they offer one too, but I pray they are...