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    What's your iPhone's name?

    mines called "WHREE" which describes my type of music.
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    are backups stored on the pc whenever you do the backup option before a restore? i just did a restore because itoday crashed my iPhone, and when i restored, all my contacts and everything were blank. is there anyway i can go to an even older backup, or does it just store one at a time?
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    ziPhone 1.1.4 problem

    when i try to jailbreak 1.1.4 with ziPhone, it doesn't work. it will seem like its working, it will do the white message scrolling thing, it will restart, ziphon will say im good to go, but my iPhone goes back to DFU mode. anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?
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    Live from Apple's iPhone SDK press conference

    why couldn't this be April 1st so Jobs can jump at the press and be like "APRIL FOOLS!" =/
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    Live from Apple's iPhone SDK press conference

    Not Available Until June?!?!? Nooooooo!
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    Service bars not showing up?

    im pretty sure its the one that changes the bars from red to green with better signal strength, ever since i installed that they have disappeared.
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    What are you going to do with your 600 dollars?

    whoo looks like im getting 300 =D edit: i just filed my federal with turbotax free edition the other day, anyone know where i can go to file for my state?
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    Making Ringtones using your P.C., iTunes, and existing songs.

    I have my iPhone set to manually manage songs/videos, so the only way I know I can put them on without disabling manual syncing is by dragging. I'll probably try syncing that way to see if it makes a difference.
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    Making Ringtones using your P.C., iTunes, and existing songs.

    for some reason i cant get them from the ringtones section to my iPhone correctly. heres an example of what is happening: i have the ringtones "Boom Snap Clap Snap" and "GLADOS im not talking to you" in my ringtones section of my iTunes. i drag them over to my iPhone. then in my ringtones...
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    phone frozen on Apple logo screen

    thats the same thing that happened when i tried using ziPhone. what i did was just keep trying to restore and reset for about 11 times, and then it finally worked.
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    Kill the iPhone buzz (gsm interference)

    i wonder if theres anyway this would work with the ihome.
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    How to set up ICS?

    hah yeah its nowhere near a microwave or anything and ill probably try a better wifi adapter, this stick has been nothing but problems.
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    How to set up ICS?

    its a wifi max usb stick. under network adapter it is called "(ZD1211B) 802.11 b+g USB Adapter" Edit: Sometimes it seems like the bridging is working, but then cuts out. what could this mean? something with the ip's?
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    How to set up ICS?

    hmm ok i right click on the wireless interface and choose properties, then it goes to a window that has two tabs, general and advanced, where the advanced one is where i choose whether to connection share or not. i don't see where to click on add. and when i enable ICS from my Local Area...
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    How to set up ICS?

    hmm having a little trouble. in the first step, where do i go to setup a new wireless connection? and for bridging, whenever i bridge the two, the wifi doesn't work on my iPhone still, and the internet connection on my pc doesn't work either until i debridge them. for ICS, i do the steps...