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    Lightning to Aux Out - Finally

    Awesome, thank you!
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    Case and screen protector for the iPhone 6 Plus

    No screen protector here too. But a case also provides more grip, so I'm comfortable with using one.
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    Have you ever used wood case ?

    I'd also go with one that had good reviews. A wood case is really classy, but I'm not sure if it will protect your iPhone as a TPU one.
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    iPhone 6s AppStore issue blank icons

    Yeah, it's probably a network issue. I can get most of them filled in, except some of the latest ones.
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    iPhone 6s 3D Touch Turns Your 6s Into A Trackpad

    Amazing!! :D:D
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    iPhone 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Force Touch?

    Nice to hear that.
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    iPhone 6s Speaker sounds like its on permanently.

    A slight noise in the speaker is common after a sound is played from the speaker, and usually it stops within a few seconds. It happens in every smartphone and phone in the world, and the only way to hear that is to put the speaker right next to your ear. But it shouldn't happen permanently...
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    iPhone 6s Free storage space of a fresh 16 GB iPhone 6s Plus is woefully low

    A 16GB device in 2015 is a joke, with 4K videos and the general size increase in all apps. I agree that if you are a lad who wants the latest greatest at the "lowest" price possible, maybe you should go for the 16GB model. Still, I can't stop thinking about how much would if cost Apple to offer...
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    iPhone 6s App Switcher

    I also have had it happen to me with several apps. The problem seems to have disappeared after some reboots. :censored:
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    iPhone 6s Enjoy... a new service!!!!

    Genius idea! Many people have no idea what they just bought, this service fits in perfectly! Maybe not in the Bay Area.
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    iPhone 6s Install F.lux Clone Without Jailbreak

    Just got installed! The 3D Touch functionality is pure gold :D