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    before buying iPhone read this first

    Assume you have the full internet subscription on tmobile already since you are using the blackberry pearl. You need to go to setting - network - edge and change the APN : username : leave it blank password : leave it blank Then go to setting - toggle the airplane mode...
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    Jailbreak Released by the Dev Team!

    How do I know the method that I used changed the baseband? Is it the AT command set enter in the minicom window? Is there any way to restore back to the original before the mod on the baseband?:confused:
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    Update 1.1.1 & GoPhone PrePaid Service?

    I would like to know also. Is there any way to avtivate the iPhone with the ATT prepaid. Also, what is mean byt SSN with all 9's. Do we need to put in the SSN for the prepaid services. I never did one before. Could someone clarify the process.
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    Charging problem!

    turn off the iPhone and charge it. or use the supplied transformer instead through' the usb port. I notice when I charge through' the USB port, the phone get hotter, but it is much cooler to charge through' the transformer.
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    Yahoo push email finally working?

    Can someone else verify the PUSH works in 1.1.1? I have the 1.0.2 and am not able to upgrade. What is put in the 1.1.1 to make it work? Are the server address and port number different? Can someone post out the server and port and any new information put in the 1.1.1? I wonder whether I can use...
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    Downgrading to 1.0.2 from 1.1.1?

    This file is at c:\document and settings\<user id>\Application Data\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Update\iPhone1,1.0.2_1c28_Restore for XP and c:\users\<userid>\AppData\.... for VISTA You need to enable your PC to view the hidden. Just hit F1 to find out from window...
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    Was Apple breaking mods deliberate?

    I think the Apple can make more money when we buy the new Apple to replace the brick one. If you use ATT, you locked to their 2 yr contract. I guess you need a phone a continue the contract, isn't it?
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    How To Back-UP Contacts, Settings, etc?

    I just sync with the computer using itune. When you reset your iPhone, you can resync with all the contact and setting back.
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    How did itune freeze? What version of itune you have? Did you reinstall that and how does reinstall works (successful/ not successful)?
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    Downgrading to 1.0.2 from 1.1.1?

    My post is for restore 1.0.2 to 1.0.2. and don't try this for upgrade to 1.1.1. It won't work. I think it will take a long time for somebody to figure out this or may be on one will figure it out except the guy wrote that piece of firmware. I did the restore because I need to clean the phone...
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    I'm OK with the 1.0.2 with all the 3rd party apps. I think the 3rd party apps is much more valuable than the Apple update. How often do I go the buy the songs through' wifi? If the 1.1.1 is not breakable, I think the dev team can enhance the 1.0.2 to compete with Apple 1.1.1 features, or, find a...
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    Was Apple breaking mods deliberate?

    Is that consider as monopoly? I think the government should have an antitrust law suit over Apple. They cannot block other developers to develop the 3rd party application developed for iPhone, and they try to take over that. This is not fair for other competitions. :tounge:
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    Downgrading to 1.0.2 from 1.1.1?

    Restore to 1.0.2 from 1.0.2 firmware is working and I tried that on a few phone already. Make sure you follow the step beacuse once you hit the restore button, you won't be able to go back, and it won't ask for confirmation. 1. get the 1.0.2 firmware file. It is at the c:\Document and...
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    Ibrickr and iPhone Help Please :-)

    I got the same thing before. After several unlocks on my phone (same one), I found out after the iBreakr mod the iPhone first time and you get the 'SWEAT' button. You need to power your iPhone and also exit the ibreaker. If you just power off your phone and unplug and plug your phone back. The...
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    Dumb Question - How to Avoid Updating?

    I did verify and it works. Disconnect your internet first. Your itune still think the latest firmware is 1.0.2 and the shift + restore will pop a window for you to input the firmware file.