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    Application for iPhone internet on your laptop

    Whell the application is back now, just search for Net Share (make sure theres a space).
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    new features on Google maps!

    Yeah, if you push the button to pinpoint your location and then do it agian once you're initially pinpointed it will zoom in even further on your location.... It goes right to my house when I do it a second time.
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    New Cases to check out!

    I ordered directly from the Switch site, I just got my shipment confirmation e-mail last night... I guess they don't send any e-mails prior to it being shipped. Should have it in a few days :2cool:
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    New Cases to check out!

    I ordered one of their cases from the main site, but I never got an e-mail confirmation or anything after the paypal checkout. Did anyone else?
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    Help with SIM tray

    You need to use a paperclip and press down on the hole, make sure you are pressing down fairly hard
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    For those thinking 1.1.1 will be jailbreaked...

    I think Apple cares more about trying to force people into paying for the iPhone plan(s) so that they can get a cut of that. So many people buy songs from iTunes for their iPods already.
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    AMEX Refund Letter

    $200 overcharge? If I am not mistaken your're an adult - whom is supposed to be responsible for what you buy. Did you sign a receipt at the Apple store with the "$200 overcharge" displayed? If you agree to pay a price for something then I don't see where the overcharge is coming from, it was your...
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    Hows your iPhone touch screen hold up?

    I use the iSkin Revo as well as the Crystal Skin screen protector and I have no scratches or damage anywhere on my phone. I have been very happy with both, especially after the InCase I had.
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    Yeah the first case that is Orange is the new one, it looks nice... I have a case for my Macbook and love it - Vaja quality is top notch. I have been waiting for a simple case such as the orange one, but from the pictures it looks as if the phone can just slip out, too bad theres nothing to...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    There is another new Vaja case on their site today... looks really nice. I am wondering if there is anything to prevent the iPhone from coming out of it though, it looks just like a sleeve, would be nice if it had something to prevent the phone from coming out.
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    series 5 or 7 from any kind of identification number on box?

    *runs* Search and you will find enough reading for a few weeks :gasp:
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    series 5 or 7 from any kind of identification number on box?

    I have learned from numerous places (including the Apple store) that both 5*** and 7*** series are still being produced, so it doesn't really matter when it was built - there is still a chance of getting either. As for telling which box has which series LCD, the only way is to turn it on and...
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    New Update

    My volume when listening to iPod songs through the speaker is MUCH louder. I can feel my speaker vibrating through my rubber iSkin Revo even - if I have it turned to max I can hear it very far away.
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    What about Incipio cases?

    Thanks, Incipio definitely provides great customer service :smile:
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    Iskin Revo Save your money

    Mine works great... I've had it about 2 weeks now and it still fits perfectly, much better then my previous InCase. I've tried out 4 cases so far and the Revo is the best yet.