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    3G hangs with new iPhone 4 will not connect?

    I did that also :(
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    3G hangs with new iPhone 4 will not connect?

    Hey having trouble with my new phone. It will not load 3G pages at all or hangs halfway through it :( tried hard resets and even went to AT&T for a new SIM :( It will just not work.... even with it laying on the table with full bars:dft002:amazed any suggestions?
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    brand new iPhone :-DDD

    Damn I need to do the same thing....only I have an 8gig BRICK already. I just want a phone back.:frown:
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    Incorrect SIM after update!

    Did you get your iPhone back yet? I got mine back from repair and it was on the 1.1.1 application menu and said to insert a valid AT&T SIM so I did and still no dice! I did a restore and it locked me out of the phone the bad IMEI # again! Called Apple AGAIN was on the phone for an 1 1/2 and they...
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    Conclusion to IMEI number being changed!

    I tried this and after you do a hard restore again your back to the bad IME# but you could use it if they don't catch on:wink:
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    Incorrect SIM after update!

    Good luck with that...I don't think they will.
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    Everythig fine with new update?

    I would STRONGLY suggest not installing the update. I now own a BRICK. Apple is sending out a loaner and hopefully they will fix mine without much fuss...I HOPE!
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    Incorrect SIM after update!

    Well they are sending a loaner phone...bummer:embarrassed:
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    Incorrect SIM after update!

    im on the phone with Apple right now...they are stumped. they want to send a loaner phone out to send mine in to fix it. -but my sim will not work in there phone since it's screwed anyway. now he's talking to a product specialist.:frown:
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    Incorrect SIM after update!

    My phone is doing the same damn thing! I went to AT&T and they gave me a new SIM card but still have the same problem! Arrgghh!:frown:
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    iBrick problems?

    Anybody getting a forbiden to access server screen when you search for applications?:frown:
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    Apple drops the price on the iPhone!

    iPhones on the house! Woot!:frown:
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    Yahoo! Mail Mysteriously getting deleted

    I had the same thing happen a few times also. Pretty weird...I though I was dreaming that I got and received a few emails. PS. your brother seems a lot cooler that you are. :2cool:
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    Any stars with the iPhone yet?

    I actually worked for mc hammer for the 2L2Q tour... Passing out flyers before the concert. Then we got to hang out and meet him before he went on. GLC was the opening act. We met them also. Everybody was really nice. Hammer was in a flight jump suit thing. He actually said "it's Hammer Time"...
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    Did you sell anything to buy your iPhone?

    sold my xbox360 with 6 games and HD DVD Player and wireless network adpt. Bill Gates can suck it!:2cool: