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    Sending Multimedia texts? (FACEBOOK)

    You can't. At least yet. The only way to send a photo is as an email attachment.
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    Text Messaging Is Horrible!

    But when I select the groups option, it then asks me which single contact I would like to send a text to. Are you saying it works differently for you and you can text the entire group at once?
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    Dual Sync?

    Well, in my case, on my home PC, I have the 'Sync' boxes checked under the Music, Photos, Podcast and Video tabs. On my Mac at work I have the 'Sync' boxed checked under the Info tab. In general, you only get the warning if you sync with two different computers that have the same sync options...
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    Dual Sync?

    Not true. My setup is exactly as the original poster described. I sync my music and videos at home, and sync my calendar and contacts at work. As long as the right boxes are checked in iTunes, there's no conflict.
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    Lost iPhone: can I prevent new "owner" from using?

    They can, and probably did, block the phone from registering on the network ever again based on it's unique ESN. When my phone was stolen, they were able to shut it off and block it and even tell me what neighborhood it was in when they blocked it. Edit: Did you buy it with your credit card...
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    How to send page links in email?

    How did I miss that? I guess I was fixated on the othrwise lack of cut-and-paste functionality. Sorry!
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    How to send page links in email?

    Can't. Yet.
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    Very Strange

    That's because Sprint hasn't released your number yet.
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    So..they upgraded EDGE? Coulda Suprised Me...
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    Is there an email address (ie-10digitnumber@AT&

    Don't include the 1 at the front of your number. 10 digits only, i.e. 2065551234.
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    So..they upgraded EDGE? Coulda Suprised Me...

    147 in Seattle. Much, much faster than my last EDGE device.
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    Switching from vertical to hortizontal view

    You want Apple to change how gravity works?
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    3G Rumor Straight From the Apple Store

    Exactly. If you don't believe it, you just need to go to one of the sites that has already disassembled an iPhone and posted photos. It absolutely does not have a 3G radio chipset in it. All Cingular/AT&T SIMs after a certain point say 3G because they bumped the SIMs to 64k and added some...