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    Placing a call: I get "Call Forwarding Active" Message

    happened to me but eventually fixed itself. :gasp:.
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    Success/Brick Stories After Modding...

    Worked Fine No problems nice and smooth :laugh2:.
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    Linux for iPhone

    Yeah, I guess. But its always nice
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    Linux for iPhone

    but it is a limited version of OS X.
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    Linux for iPhone

    Alright guys, so how much do you want to bet that there will be a Linux for iPhone, they have done it with like every form of consumer electronic device that exists? I cannot wait, I love Linux
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hey. I'm from Melbourne Australia - British born. Nice site, looking to buy an iPhone soon.
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    The "perfect" holster case

    funny I prefer it a lot more in my pocket, i feel uncomfortable with a phone around a belt.
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    iPhone Features Requests

    Whats HSDPA? Thanks.
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    iFuntastic 2.5 released

    I hope a windows version come out asap :gasp:.
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    Apple Getting Sued over keyboard

    Yeah everyone wants some of Apples money this sort of thing is inevitable.