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    Please help with immediate Problem

    Ok, I'm not one to break the rules, but I am literally at a customer's computer in his businesss importing contacts one by one as vCards into yahoo. I did the whole vista/csv files into yahoo and it worked with numbers, but not NAMES. there are NO names attached to these 240-something contacts...
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    Windows Mail sync/NEED FIX TODAY!

    Okay, so I export them, but it doesn't export NAMES. If anyone has any solutions to this, PLEASE call me at 559.917.4290 ASAP, Thank you. once again, no names carry over to yahoo from the csv file. -Gene
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    Windows Mail sync/NEED FIX TODAY!

    Hey all. Yes I am an AT&T employee, until saturday anyway, lol. ( don't know everything, but try my best too. Thanks to all on this forum) I need a fix for a customer I am helping, and I need it by like 5.45ish (when I'm off work and going back) I apologize for not extensively searching the...
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    blue tint photos

    Well it will be up to the sole discretion of Apple, so they may not even say its defective. Your best bet would be to go to an Apple store, either with a friend who has one, or just use one of the display models to take the same picture and compare to one of the employees. I'm not sure which way...
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    Good Battery ONLY if you never use iPod

    wait, you do you actually get it to pair with GPS? what device?
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    blue tint photos

    the 14 day is for any reason. You have a year from Apple for manufact. defects. if they say that it is, then you should be good.
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    Wow, my iPhone turned on today...

    I agree with you. On another note, This hiccup you mentioned, was it dropping you from the network repeatedly? I had a customer come in complaining of that on multiple networks. Do you have any advice for me? Also, Do you know anything about a wifi to wifi connection with other phones? It can't...
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    Contacts from Outlook

    No, its on the computer, and he has tons of contacts, but they wont sync. ive selected outlook but to no avail.
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    Contacts from Outlook

    yeah, online to yahoo? couldnt find the button to do that.
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    Contacts from Outlook

    Hey all, I need your help. I am with a customer right now trying to sync his contacts, calendar and email from outlook. I can't for the life of me get it. Can someone please call me and help me through the process? As soon as you can, I'll post when i've got it. PLEASE don't abuse this...
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    Any other AT&T stores have their server crash while selling iPhones?

    If you pass on the credit check as a new customer, and it turns out that you fail or whatever determines you require a deposit, you will have to go back, or just to an att store and pay that deposit. was that a better explanation? Sorry, I'm beat after today, but just trying to help some more...
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    Activations in West Coast

    howso? error, or no calls incoming? it will take more time for you to have the calls redirected to the iPhone.
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    So how is the web browser via WiFi?

    yeah, i got hours with the one on the floor today. No flash though. works well.
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    Any other AT&T stores have their server crash while selling iPhones?

    Its standard O.P. for new customers. If you don't do it at the store, go home and you need a deposit, you wasted a trip, and have to go back.
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    iPhones available to play around with at Apple/AT&T stores?

    We had two. it varies betwixt stores, obviously. you can call them all and ask if they have a working demo.