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    List of things that Apple missed BIG TIME! MAJOR disappointment

    Apple's never really given any deep detail about the v2 software though. They've hit on enterprise, and 3rd apps, and big features but for all we know there could be a dozen other new features/fixes that cover some of the above. Hard to tell what the true feature list on v2 is until its out...
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    Dropped Prices iPhone eBay!

    indeed. what do you guys think is a realistic price to get on an iPhone v1 now? debating selling mine ahead of the 3g rollout, but not sure what i could even expect. 100bux for a iPhone 8gb? maybe a bit more if i unlock it? i'd give it to my girlfriend, but she loves her BB
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    For those who haven't modified their iPhone yet...

    here's my experience with putting on my iPhone. my battery life went down the toilet shortly after i loaded, possibly due to be loading BSD+ssh on it, but either way, i ended up losing all my notes and settings when i hit restore (trying to verify the battery life). iTunes was...
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    anyone here migrate from a 3G phone?

    I came from Verizon, had a moto Q with evdo. Honestly, I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. Plus the moto Q was a terrible device, so even if the EVDO was faster than edge, its not like you ever wanted to use the device. Personally I don't mind the trade-off b/c of battery life, seems...
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    Redeem your $100 iPhone credit now!

    got mine and promptly spent it on a Apple bt headset
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    petition/mass email for better/quicker upgrades

    i'd be in for making some sort of mass feature request. if certain things like MMS, copy/paste, maybe ichat. Let Apple know that the majority of users would like these features. I'm not sure I agree with the part about better/quicker upgrades. To be that comes off a bit crass, like we all...
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    Finally dropped it

    at least they're cheaper to replace now :)
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    I Got My Refund !

    and i'd be happy if BMW would swap me my 2006 330i for a 2007 335i. i mean, come on. only a year and they come out with a completely new model. what a-holes! you people are unbelievable.
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    then sell your iPhone and leave everyone here alone. you got your damn money back, a freaking credit from Apple, and STILL you're making all kinds of angry posts. what do you want? you can't change this, and to me you've made out pretty well. much better than you deserve to. get over it and MOVE ON
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    do you have a mac or pc? either way there are a few utils for each that will let you copy music off an ipod. now.. whether those work for an iPhone, i'm not 100% sure. i've used them in the past for an ipod and they work pretty well. they will copy from the ipod to a computer no problem. Apple...
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    there's just not pleasing you is there? you already got your money back from amex. you must have a really miserable existence if you're this angry in real life. take your 200$ and buy some therapy.
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    $200 cheaper? There has to be a way to get this money back

    what? only 100$? i want a full year of free AT&T service, a free macbook and free iTunes for life! seriously though, although i think people are a bunch of whiners, its good damage control by Apple. will pacify the masses, however unnecessary it is. the genius move is who can go into an Apple...
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    $200 cheaper? There has to be a way to get this money back

    that's just plain crazy talk... what do you think this is? capitalism or something? oh.. wait.. :laugh2:
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    Are you willing to cancel everything due to price drop?

    if you're within the 14 days, obviously you're due a refund or something. that's Apple policy. its all the other people that i think are out of hand and stirring up stuff unnecessarily
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    Are you willing to cancel everything due to price drop?

    isn't that the american way? :) i 100% agree, people need to move on...